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Syste Ulbe Zuidema (1906-1975) was one of the second generation of reformational scholars. In 1925 he began studies at the Free University, Amsterdam, where he was influenced by H.J. Pos, V. Hepp and D.H. Th. Vollenhoven.

He held a chair of Calvinistic philosophy at the University of Utrecht from 1948 before teaching philosophy at the Free University (1954 onwards). He had also been a minister in the Reformed Churches (1931-1934) and a missionary in Indonesia (1935-1945). During the second world war he was held at a Japanese prisoner of war camp on Java. His doctoral dissertation was on the nominalistic philosophy of William of Ockham (1936) and completed at the Free University. In 1948 he took up the Chair of Christian Philosophy at University of Utrecht and at the Free University. From 1954 he taught only at the Free. He retired early due to poor health in 1971.

Robert Knudsen and Hendrik Hart both completed their doctoral dissertations in philosophy under Zuidema.

English Publications
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