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Bruce C. Wearne BA MSocSc PhD is a sociologist from Port Londsdale, Australia. He was senior lecturer at taught at Monash University before he took early retirement. His doctoral dissertation was on Talcott Parsons.






Bruce C. Wearne, ed. 2013. Finding an Alternative to Over-Development by Bob Goudzwaard. Bristol & Asia: All of life Redeemed.


"Seed:the salt of the earth is no opiate of the masses" Newsletter FCS NZ No 12 (April) pp 1-4.

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"Confronting the temple of valueless fact - between Mount Carmel and the Ming-Ming"


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Review Essay: The Calvinistic ethic and the spirit of renewal in some recent Christian scholarship"


The Theory and Scholarship of Talcott Parsons to 1951 - A Critical Commentary Cambridge, CUP. (Published version of PhDthesis)

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Review of Mark Noll The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Eerdmans/ IVP, Grand Rapids Leicester 1994 in Journal of Religious History 21:3 October 1997 359-361 (see 2008 below)

Co-author of and signatory to: ACHEA "Submission to the Review of Higher Education Financing and Policy under the Chairmanship of Mr Roderick West" April 1997 


Recasting the sociological encyclopaedia. In B J van der walt and R Swanepoel ed. Signposts of the Liberating Kingdom. Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys

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"Electronic Tickets, Youth Despair And The Fabric Of Urban Society" Contribution to urban study conducted by Professor M Nobeof Okayama University (Japanese Department of Education, Tokyo)


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(see 2008 below)

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Artful Dodging: Seeking a place for Christian higher education in Australia after 15 years of political reforms. (Port Lonsdale, Australia: Bruce C. Wearne, Februrary 2001).

   1. John Dawkins Versus John Calvin      [pdf] (20 February 1993)

2. Christian Students In The University Crisis  [pdf] (9/10 July 1993)

3. Evangelicals And Their Political Problems With Christian Education [pdf] (17 May 1997)

4. A Free University And Professional Formation [pdf]  (18-20 July 1996)

5. Voluntary Student Unionism  [pdf] (April 26, 1999)

6. A Christian Study Centre and the Re-Formation Of Academic Qualifications  [pdf] (16th October, 1999)


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"Political Party Twilight in Australia" Public Justice Report 2005

"Ticket and Travel - 20 propositions" contribution to Tramjatra a community arts project linking trams in Melbourne and Kolkata. RMIT. 

See also tramtatic and The Connies.

Review of: In Pursuit of Justice: Christian democratic explorations, by James W. Skillen in Philosophia Reformata 71 (2) 185-9

(see 2008 below)

Zygmunt Bauman (Key Sociologists) by Blackshaw, Tony in Sociological Research Online 11(4) December 2006

  • 1. For the Grace of God has Appeared for the Salvation of all People
          Titus 1
          Titus 2
          Titus 3
  • 2. Rejecting the Idols Of Womb, Seed And Tribe - Some Reflections on Genesis 28:1-10; 31:34; 32:21-32
  • 3. Sacrifice and Spirituality : Jesus' Teaching on Salt: an Exposition of Matthew 5:13
  • 4. Job's Repentance and God's Transcendence
  • 5. Love is not spooky - John 13:35
  • 6. Let's party - Mark 2:18-22
  • 7. A Blind Man Hails the Son of David and Sees - Mark 10:46-52
  • 8. God's delight at the beginning - Genesis 1 
  • 9. The dilemma of the dispersed Christian

  • 2007

    Public Justice for All: An Annotated Bibliography of the Works of James W. Skillen, 1967-2006.

    Cultivating Care within a Vulnerable Economy: an annotated bibliography of the English writings of Bob Goudzwaard 1967-2007 


    Public Justice for All: An Annotated Bibliography of the Works of James W. Skillen, 1967-2008 (2nd updated edn)

    Cultivating Care within a Vulnerable Economy: an annotated bibliography of the English writings of Bob Goudzwaard 1967-2008

    A Collection of Essays


    •    What are Sociological Concepts?
    •    Civil Religion
    •    Empiricism
    •    Objectivity

    •    Goudzwaard and deLange
    •    Cope and Kalantzis & Preece
    •    Seerveld festschrift
    •    Pollard
    •    Noll
    •    Noll
    •    Bededetto et al.
    •    Bonino
    •    Wallerstein
    •    Clouser
    •    Skillen
    •    Hutchinson and Ogbu

    PART FOUR - Positive Contributions
    •    Max Weber
    •     Subsidiarity
    •    Recasting the Sociological Encyclopaedia
    •    Bargaining with the Business Enterprise


    (editor) Special edition of Philosophia Reformata devoted to Klapwijk's Purpose in the Living World? 


    Sociology, World-Views andWays of Life 


    Calvinism and politics. 

    Confronting the dilemmas of Christian philosophy. Commentary upon Herman Dooyeweerd 1936 “Het Dilemma voor het Christelijk Wijsgeerig Denken en het Critisch Karakter van de Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee” Philosophia Reformata 1e, 1, 3-16


    Bob Goudzwaard  [pdf available here]
    This was first published in October 2005 by the Fiji Daily Post, Suava

    Adolfo Garcia de la Sienra [pdf]
    This was first published in December 2005 by the Fiji Daily Post, Suva

    Jim Skillen interview [pdf]
    First published in the Fiji Daily Post, Suava

    Mark Roques - three interviews: part 1, part 2 and part 3 [pdfs]
    These were prepared for publication in the Fiji Daily Post Feb-May 2006

    Professors Eiichi Yamamote and Michiya Murata [pdf]
    This was prepared for publication in the Fiji Daily Post

    Faith Community Nursing: an interview with Anne Van Loon [pdf]
    Originally prepared for publication in the Fiji Daily Post


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    Goudzwaard bibliography

    Cultivating Care within a Vulnerable Economy:
    an annotated bibliography of the English writings of Bob Goudzwaard 1967-2008  

    [revised and updated June 2008; 104+ xix pages (approx 1.1 MB)] 2nd edn
    by Bruce Wearne

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    Roy Clouser an annotated bibliography