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Maarten Vrieze (12 August 1922 - October 1986), served as minister of evangelism in Edmonton. in 1963, he became the professor of Philosophy at Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Ill, where he taught for twenty years. He was awarded a PhD from the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He did graduate work in sociology and theology at the Free University.


















English language publications

1966. The Community Idea in Canada. (Unionville lectures, 1965) ARSS

1967. Introduction to Economics. Trinity Christian College

1967. Introduction to sociology 121 class syllabus. Trinity Christian college

1967. Syllabus Introduction to philosophy 101. Trinity Christian college

1968. Syllabus Introduction to History. Trinity Christian College 

1988. 'The fiasco of the sociology of knowledge' in Paul Marshall and Robert E. VanderVennen Social Science in Christian Perspective. University Press of America

1985. The Reformed college confronts poverty. Pro Rege XIII (4) (June).