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D. H. Th. Vollenhoven (1892-1978) was Dooyeweerd's brother-in-law. He was a contemporary of Dooyeweerd at the Free University (1911-1914). He studied classics, philosophy and theology. His dissertation in Dutch was on the 'Philosophy of mathematics from a theistic point of view'. He married Dooyeweerd's sister and became a pastor in the Gereformeerde Kerk in Oostkappelle from 1918. In 1921 he became a pastor in The Hague and had many discussions with Dooyeweerd. Vollenhoven then went on to become professor of Philosophy at the Free University in Amsterdam. He developed an approach to the history of philosophy that became known as the Consistent Problem-Historical Method (CPHM).

Details of the Vollenhoven Foundation can be found here.

An introduction to Vollenhoven:
Steve Bishop 2021. You should know D.H.Th. Vollenhoven. Laymen's Lounge

By Vollenhoven in (in English)


The significance of Calvinism for the reformation of philosophy. Evangelical Quarterly 3(4)1931): 387403; 4(2)(1932): 128160; 398–427.

Parts of these also appear in Het Calvinischme en de Reformatie van de Wijsbegeerte. Amsterdam: H.J.Paris, 1933.


The groundmotives of biblical philosophy. 

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'Lecture notes on Kant' from the syllabus 1958-59; translated by Bill Rowe (1977).

The History of Ancient Philosophy 

A partial translation by H. Evan Runner of Vollenhoven's Geshiedenis der wijsbegeerte IGrand Rapids: Calvin College. 


De Problemen rondom de tijd [Problems about time], lectures given in 1963. Glenn Friesen's site Vollenhoven studies


Methodological dangers in the Parmenides interpretation. Philosophia Reformata 31:68-71. 


Problemen van de tijd in onze kring [Problems about time in our group], a lecture given in 1968.  Glenn Friesen's site Vollenhoven studies

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Address delivered on the occasion of the adoption of the A.R.S.S. constitution, Aug. 28, 1961.


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Contains translations of the following:

  • Conservatism and Progressiveness in philosophy
  • Short Survey of the History of Philosophy
  • The Consequential Problem-Historical Method
  • Gnosticism

Isagôge philosophiae/ Introduction to philosophy.  (Edited by Kok, J. & Tol, A. with the Dutch original.) Sioux Center, Iowa:  Dordt College Press.

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Reformed Epistemology; the relation of logos and ratio in the history of Western epistemology.  (Transl. by A. Tol.) Sioux Center, Iowa:  Dordt College Press. The original Dutch version is available here.

Sphere sovereignty for Kuyper and for us. In Bishop, S. and Kok, J.H. (editors) On Kuyper; a collection of readings on the life, work and legacy of Abraham Kuyper. Sioux Center, Iowa:  Dordt College Press. pp. 317-322


The foundations of Calvinist thought. (Translated by J.J. Venter in English)

Scripture use and philosophy.  (Translated by J.J. Venter from the Dutch version published in Mededelingen van de Vereniging voor Calvinistische Wijsbegeerte, Sept. 1953:6-9.)

Kok, J. H. (ed.) Forthcoming A Vollenhoven Reader. Sioux Center: Dordt College Press.

Provisional contents:

Foreword                 (by Calvin Seerveld)
1.   Reforming Philosophy
       Calvinism and the Reformation of Philosophy          
2.   Believing Faith
       Faith: Its Nature, Structure, and Significance for Science
3.   Social Spheres and Law Spheres                                                                  
        Sphere Sovereignty for Kuyper and for Us                         
4.   Discerning Laws and Pitfalls
        Norm and Law of Nature                                                     
5.   Using and Abusing Scripture
        Scripture Use and Philosophy                                           
6.   Differing with Dooyeweerd
        Divergences: Report I                                                        
7.   Traces of the Trinity
       The Unity of Life                                                                  
8.   Introducing Philosophy
        Introduction to Philosophy                                                  

Vollenhoven Foundation Newsletter

Vollenhoven foundation newsletter No 1

Vollenhoven foundation newsletter No 2
Vollenhoven foundation newsletter No 3

On Vollenhoven

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The thesis explores whether Vollenhoven?s logic and epistemology might provide a fruitful perspective from which to view the unity of Vollenhoven's systematic and historical work. But the thesis moves beyond Vollenhoven in taking a number of independent positions on the relationship between normative and structural law, between the law of the Spirit and positive law, and on the nature of the thus-so and the genetic determinations. (From Vollenhoven Newsletter No 2)

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Philosophy in the Making D. H. Th. Vollenhoven and the Emergence of Reformed Philosophy

 Anthony Tol Dordt College Press, 2010 ISBN 978-0-932914-86-6 549+vi pp; pbk; US$30 

Recent years have seen a number of works by and on Vollenhoven. This by Tony Tol is the result of his PhD promoted by A. P. Bos from the Free University (VU). It looks at the development of a neo-calvinist philosophy. Tol pays particular attention to the part played by Vollenhoven in this development. The book started life as a project to edit Vollenhoven's seminal work the Isagoge Philosophiae a text Vollenhoven was continually changing and revising; there about a dozen different versions of the text! This book then traces Vollenhoven's thought as it changed and evolved. This is a welcome addition to the burgeoning interest in reformational philosophy. Vollenhoven's work is often dense and opaque. Tol has done much of the hard work in helping us understand Vollenhoven and his ideas better. 


1. Vollenhoven's principled program 

2. A bold beginning: theistic and metalogical intuitionism

 3. Reforming revisions: from monadology to law-sphere

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