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Chris van Haeften was born in Amsterdam. He was for six years a gymnasium-student in Hilversum. After four years at Delft Technical University, studying architecture and town-planning, he moved to the Free University Amsterdam to study philosophy. After graduating, he taught philosophy at the Christian Academy for Fine Arts (CABK, also known as Constantijn Huygens) in Kampen. Following his early retirement, he taught philosophy for ten more years at the Institute for Higher Senior Education (HOVO) in Zwolle.

His academia.edu page is here.



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Filosofie van de lichamelijkheid (Philosophy of Bodiliness). HOVO Zwolle


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Radical Ipseity, Absolute Origin, and Existential Meaning according to H. Dooyeweerd. Academia.edu 

Dooyeweerd's "dilemma" revisited 


The Inner man

Taught by Dooyeweerd: some basic philosophical propositions


The Integration of the Sciences and Integral Human Knowledge. Upcoming in Integrated Science, Springer Verlag, 2021

A synopsis of Dooyeweerd's theory of time

The double riddle and radical religious meaning

Dooyeweerd’s theory of time, root, and supra-temporality


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