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van Eikema Hommes


Hendrik Jan van Eikema Hommes (3 May 1930 - 3 September 1984)  graduated from the VU, Amsterdam in 1961 after studying law (from 1953) and theology (from 1957). His thesis was on the revival of natural law. In 1965 he succeeded Dooyeweerd at the VU as a professor of philosophy and jurisprudence.

Bibliography (in English)


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Greek and Roman conceptions of law
Medieval conceptions of law
Renaissance and Reformation: Machiavelli, Bodin, Althusius
Humanist theory of natural law. It's state-absolutistic variants
The humanist theory of natural law. Its individualistic currents
The idea of rational law ("rederecht") of Rousseau, Kant, Fichte and Hegel
The historical school of law
Legal positivism and general jurisprudence during the previous century
Some Neo-Kantian, Neo-Hegelian and phenomenological schools in modern legal philosophy
The historical-materialist theory of law and state
Some schools of modern sociology of law
American and Scandinavian "realist" theories of law
Some modern theories of natural law
Some existentialist and neo-positivist trends in modern legal philosophy
Towards a new understanding of the basic concepts of jurisprudence and of the relation between state and society.

"Legal order and legal principles" [pdf]


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