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MF (Tinus) van der Walt is a lecturer at Aros (Academy Reformational training and Studies); a private educational institution in Pretoria, South Africa. He is a former lecturer in philosophy at the Potchefstroom campus of the North-West University (NWU), and has an honours and a master’s degree in philosophy; both awarded by the NWU. Prior to his academic career, he earned a professional degree in town and regional planning and worked for approximately nine years as a consulting town planner.

Tinus have, to date, been teaching philosophy for eleven years. The range of teaching experience extends from Christian scholarship, Christian philosophy, the history of Western philosophy, philosophy of the social sciences and social philosophy, to ethics in the helping professions, critical thinking and learning strategies.

He is currently enrolled for a doctorate degree in philosophy under the supervision of Prof. D.F.M. Strauss. The focus of his research includes approaches to Christian scholarship, the philosophy of methodology and the systematics of reformational philosophy. It is especially his interest in a reformational theory of reality and the history of Western philosophy that manifests in his current PhD. studies. With this study some of the prevailing knowledge ideals over the course of history are, one by one, placed under the spotlight of a non-reductionist ontology. The title of the thesis therefore is Epistemic ideals in Western thought in light of a non-reductionist ontology.


  • Peer-reviewed articles

Van der Walt, M.F. 2017. An exploration to H.G. Stoker’s (1899–1993) contributions to methodology. Journal for Christian Scholarship, Special issue (53):1-27.

Van der Walt, M.F. 2016. Critical reflections on H.G. Stoker’s (1899–1993) approach towards the elaboration of a Christian philosophy. In die Skriflig, 50(1), a2040. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/ids.v50i1.2040.

  • Manuscripts

Van der Walt, M.F. 2016. Pioneering an integral Christian philosophy: the approach and methodological contributions of H.G. Stoker (1899-1993). Potchefstroom: North-West University. MA (Phil) Dissertation.

Van der Walt, M.F. 2009. The value of Stoker’s methodology for reformational philosophy. Potchefstroom: Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. BA Hons Mini-dissertation.

2003. ‘n Analise van die invloed van ideologieë op stads- en streekbeplanning in Suid-Afrika: ‘n reformatoriese benadering. Potchefstroom: Potchefstroomse Universiteit vir Christelike Hoër Onderwys. B.Art et scient (Planning) Mini-dissertation.

  • Presentations at conferences / seminars

Van der Walt, M.F. 2021. Plato’s and Aristotle’s epistemic ideals in light of a non-reductionist ontology. Conference: Philosophy in the Reformed tradition: celebrating the heritage, facing the challenges and embracing the future. 8-11 December, 2012. Online.

Van der Walt, M.F. 2021. Local initiatives: South Africa. Conference: Philosophy in the Reformed tradition: celebrating the heritage, facing the challenges and embracing the future. 8-11 December, 2012. Online.

Van der Walt, M.F. 2018. A Christian theory of methods: H.G. Stoker’s (1899-1993) contributions and beyond. Conference: IAPCHE All Africa Conference, 6-8 November 2018. Potchefstroom, South Africa.

Van der Walt, M.F. 2016. Being salt of the earth: a lesson learned from Stoker’s approach to Christian philosophy. Conference: Christianity and the future of our societies, 15-19 August 2016. Leuven, Belgium.

Van der Walt, M.F. 2011. The Hebrew Bible in the after-thought of Roman Catholicism and Calvinism. Seminar. Naples, Italy.

  • Popular publications

Van der Walt, M.F. 2012. Verdraagsaamheid maak ons kwesbaar vir sekularisasie. Woord en Daad / Word and Action, 52(winter – n. 420):3-7.