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Anthony Tol (1943-2014) was born in Boskoop, the Netherlands; he emigrated in 1951 to Victoria, British Columbia, Canada where he attended local schools through to the first year at Victoria College (later University of Victoria).  He graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan with majors in mathematics and philosophy.  In 1966 he returned to the Netherlands for post-graduate studies at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), and was an assistant to D. H. Th. Vollenhoven from 1970-1975.  He remained in the philosophy department of the VU, specializing in the history of modern and contemporary philosophy.  The specialization in Vollenhoven is a concomitant development of many years standing.

There is a Tol Archive in the Historisch Documentatie Centrum (HDC) of the VU University Amsterdam 




















Isagôgè Philosophiae 1930-1945:  Tekstkritische uitgave  Filosofie in de traditie van de Reformatie

Anthony Tol (editor)
VU Uitgeverij, Amsterdam, 2010 ISBN 978 90 8659 441 2; pp. 466; pbk

Vollenhoven's Isagôgè , has gone through many versions and translations. Tol, as part of his doctoral dissertation, has assembled here the ultimate critical edition. He has compiled and edited all Vollenhoven's many version to provide the definitive text-critical edition in Dutch. This is a monumental work. 

More details in Dutch

Philosophy in the Making D. H. Th. Vollenhoven and the Emergence of Reformed Philosophy
Anthony Tol
Dordt College Press, 2010 ISBN 978-0-932914-86-6 542 + vi pp; pbk; US$30
Available from: Amazon.co.uk Amazon.com

Recent years have seen a number of works by and on Vollenhoven. This by Tony Tol is the result of his PhD supervised by A. P. Bos from the Free University (VU). It looks at the development of a neo-calvinist philosophy. Tol pays particular attention to the part played by Vollenhoven in this development. The book started life as a project to edit Vollenhoven’s seminal work the Isagoge Philosophiae a text Vollenhoven was continually changing and revising; there are about a dozen different versions of the text! This book then traces Vollenhoven’s thought as it changed and evolved. This is a welcome addition to the burgeoning interest in reformational philosophy. Vollenhoven’s work is often dense and opaque. Tol has done much of the hard work in helping us understand Vollenhoven and his ideas better.


1. Vollenhoven’s principled program
2. A bold beginning: theistic and metalogical intuitionism
3. Reforming revisions: from monadology to law-spheres
4. Embarking within bounds of law: the initial definite platform




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