Resources for a Christian worldview



John Byl and Tom Visker Physical education, sport and wellness: [Sioux Center, IA] : Dordt College Press, 1999.

    • The Bible and the body: a Biblical perspective on health and physical education / John Cooper
    • The Incarnation and the flesh / Bud Williams
    • Somatospiritual model: a biomechanist looks at the Bible / Brian W. Bergemann
    • Transforming wellness: linking spiritual concepts to personal health / Timothy J. Voss
    • Spirituality and wellness: student perspectives / John Byl
    • Attitudes of member institutions of the Coalition for Christian Colleges and Universities (USA) towards required health and fitness courses in the core curriculum / Allison J. McFarland
    • Developing an aim-centered K-12 physical education program based on Christian tenets / Marvin A. Zuidema
    • Leadership theory as it applies to academic work / Beth A. Easter and Dale E. Gibson
    • Sport education: more necessary than ever / James Timmer, Sr.
    • Intentional integration of scripture into the study of sport sociology / Allison J. McFarland
    • Christian sports and leisure: oxymoron or redundancy? / Carl E. Zylstra
    • We coach "Play the whistle" but what happens when the whistle breaks? / Gregory Gidman and David Turkington
    • Sport ethics via Thoreau / Douglas Hochstetler
    • A reflection on the moral value of interscholastic athletes / Calvin P. Van Reken
    • Pressure to win? But I'm a Christian coach at a Christian college / Karol Hunt
    • Moral reasoning: what is it and how it is best accomplished in the classroom and gymnasium / Sharon K. Stoll
    • The effects of religiosity, education and experience on the moral reasoning levels of NCAA division III male head athletic directors / James R. Timmer, Jr.
    • Senior student's perspectives on physical education and sport / Murray W. Hall
    • Calvinism and Mennonites :a pilot study on SPEPHERDing Christianity and sport in Canada / John Byl
    • A contrast between physical activity in the early church and muscular Christianity: what implications does this have for the 21st century? / Dale E. Campbell.

P Heintzman, G A van Andel and Tom Visker 1994. Christianity and Leisure: Issues in a Pluralistic Society Dordt College Press

Section One: Biblical and historical perspective
    • Work and play: a Biblical perspective / Robert K. Johnston
    • Implications for leisure from a review of the Biblical concepts of Sabbath and rest / Paul Heintzman
    • The Puritan ethic and Christian leisure for today / Leland Ryken

Section Two: Methodological issues
    • Toward a Christian perspective in the leisure sciences / Gordon Spykman
    • Leisure science, dominant paradigms, and philosophy: the expansion of leisure science's horizon / Paul Heintzman

Section Three: Present practices and challenges in leisure
    • Whatever happened to the leisure revolution? / Gordon Dahl
    • Leisure and the New Age movement / Glen E. Van Andel
    • Contemplative leisure within Christian spirituality / Joseph D. Teaff
    • Leisure at L'Arche: communities of faith for persons with developmental disabilities / Cathy O'Keefe
    • Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot / Don DeGraaf

Section Four: Play, sport, and athletics
    • Sport, play, and leisure in the Christian experience / Shirl J. Hoffman
    • Coming to terms with play, game, sport and athletics / John Byl
    • Play, game, and sport in a Reformed, Biblical worldview / Tom Visker
    • Atheletics from a Christian perspective / Marvin A. Zuidema
    • Towards an understanding of 'muscular Christianity': religion, sport, and culture in the modern world / James A. Mathisen
    • Competition in Church sport leagues / Kimberly A. Keller, Gary H. Naylor, and David R. Stirling
    • Christian ethics in North American sport / Murray W. Hall

Section Five: Leisure and culture
    • From the Super Bowl to worship: the roles of story in work and leisure / Quentin J. Schultze
    • From faith to fun: humor as invisible religion / Russell Heddendorf
    • Leisure, drama, and Christianity / Gwen Laurie Wright.

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