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Calvin Seerveld (b. 1930 in New York), professor Emeritus in Aesthetics at the Institute for Christian Studies (ICS), Toronto, received an MA in English literature and classics from the University of Michigan in 1953. He then went on to study under D. H. Th. Vollenhoven at the Free University in Amsterdam before begining to teach philosophical aesthetics at the ICS.  He is the author of a number of important books, including Rainbows for a Fallen World.

Most of Calvin Seerveld's books can be obtained from Toronto Tuppence Press:




A bibliography of Seerveld's works from 1995-2008 compiled by Steve Bishop is available here.


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Redemptive Art in Society

Cultural problems in Western Society

Art History Revisited

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On Proverbs from Vanguard's 'Take hold of God and pull' series from 1972-1975: