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Egbert Schuurman (1937 - )  a professor of Reformational philosophy at the Universities of Delft and Eindhoven and at the Agricultural University of Waneningen in the Netherlands. He is also a member of the Senate of the Dutch parliament 1983-2011). He was leader of the Christian Union party (2001-2011).

He studied under Dooyeweerd and Van Riessen at the Free University in Amsterdam.



His book The Technological World Picture and an Ethics of Responsibility. (Dordt Press, 2005) is available here.

Books in English


1977, 1983. Reflections on the Technological Society. Toronto: Wedge Pub.

(Also translated into the Korean and Japanese language).


1980. Technology and the Future -- A Philosophical Challenge. Toronto: Wedge Pub.

Translated by H.D. Morton. Republished by Paideia Press.

Originally published (1972) as Techniek en Toekomst -- Confrontatie met wijsgerige beschouwingen. Assen: Van Gorcum.


1986. Responsible Technology. (contributions) Monsma, S.V.(ed.). Grand Rapids, U.S.A.: Eerdmans.


1987. Christians in Babel. Jordan Station: Paideia Press.


1990. The Future: Our Choice or Gods Gift? Exile Publications, Wellington, New Zealand.


1994,1995. Perspectives on Technology and Culture. I.R.S. press, South Africa, Dordt Press, U.S.A. Translated by J. Kok.

Originally published (1990) as Filosofie van de Technische Wetenschappen. Leiden: Martinus Nijhoff.


1995. The Technological Culture between the Times -- A Christian Philosophical Assessment of Contemporary Society. Dordt Press.


2000. Faith and Hope in Technology. Toronto, Canada, 2003.

Translated by John Vriend.

Originally published (1998, 2004 2nd edn) as Geloven in Wetenschap en Techniek. Buijten & Schipperheijn, Amsterdam.


2005. The Technological World Picture and an Ethics of Responsibility: Struggles in the Ethics of Technology. Dordt College Press. Translated by J Kok.


1976. 'Technology in Christian perspective - blessing or curse' International Reformed Bulletin 19 (4): 10-19.

1977. 'The scientalization of modern culture' Philosophia Reformata 42 (2): 38-48. (also reprinted by IRS, Potchefstroom, SA: 1978)

1979. Technology in a christian-philosophical perspective (ICS - republished in (1984)) [pdf]

1980. Futurology or eschatology Vanguard   10 (1): 8-11 [pdf]

1983. Information society: cultural impoverishment or enrichment [pdf]


1984. A Christian Philosophical Perspective on Technology. In C. Mitcham and J. Grote (eds), Theology and Technology, New York: University Press of America, pp. 107- 123.


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1993. Technicism and the dynamics of creation. Philosophia Reformata 58: 185-191.


1996. A confrontation with technicism as the spiritual climate of the West Westminster Theological Journal 58 (1): 64-84.


1997. Philosophical and technological problems of technicism and genetic engineering [offsite] Philosophical and Ethical Problems of Genetic Engineering Techne, Electronic Journal of The society for Philosophy and Technology, vol.3, no. 1,1997.


2000. Beyond the empirical turn: responsible technology [pdf]


2002. The ethics of technology: technological worldview, pictures, motives, values and normstechnology [off site] paper presented at Ecology, thology and Judeo-Christian ethics conference


2005. Technology, genetic maniplulation, and the future [off site - excerpts from "The Future: Our Choice or God's Gift?"] Public Justice Reports


2005. The ethics of responsibility [off site] paper presented at IS2005 Ethics: Person, Practices and Society Conference

Technology and the ethics of responsibility Metanexus [offline]

The Ethics of Responsibility as a Comprehensive Approach: An Application to the Ethics of Technology Metanexus [offline]

On-line [off site]

An audio tape of Egbert Schuurman speaking on the ethics of technology is available from WYSOCS (Nov 2003)

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