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RSD List

Reformational Scholarship Discussion List

If you are interested in discussing the Reformational approach to philosophy and other academic disciplines, you are welcome to join the email list: 


Circa 1998 the Mythnet/ Thinknet group was formed for such discussion. The Reformational Scholarship Discussion [RSD] list continues its purpose.


1) If you want to access the email list's google group website, you need to join with a gmail/google account.

2) Those using a non-gmail address can still join, be members of the list, send messages and replies, etc... but they can only do so from their email, not from the group website.

3) If you want to join with a non-gmail email address, contact RSD list admins <refoscholarship+managers@googlegroups.com>

4) A day or so after joining, if you don't otherwise see it, check your spam/junk folder for the welcome message or confirmation.

More information is here: