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Duncan Roper pages


Duncan Roper pages

Duncan L. Roper (1940-2016) BSc, (NZ), MusB, (Victoria, NZ) PostGradDip (Philosophy) (Otago NZ), MSc. (Victoria, NZ), Ph.D. (Manchester). 

While completing his PhD i
n Britain, Duncan spent time with Francis Schaeffer at L'Abri. This encounter encouraged him to explore the impact of the calling of Christian faith on all of life. Currently an adjunct fellow at the University of Western Sydney. He has previously taught at a university in New Zealand and provided consultancy services to Christian secondary schools. Duncan's publications predominantly deal with the meshing of Bible and culture. His early work, Biblical Foundations for Radical Discipleship, helped to lay the foundations for the modern Christian Schools movement in Australia.











'The earth as a garden for all creatures' (2008) Stimulus

'As it is in heaven and should be on earth' Wellington Diocese magazine (2007)

Euler and the Konisberg bridges: some lessons for the philosophy of mathematics
(2006) [40-page pdf]

'The reformational contribution to aesthetic theory'.  Issues Number 7, November 1992.

'The gospel, art and aesthetic theory'. Issues Number 6, November 1990.

'A Mustard Seed in New Zealand Education'
(APCS, June 1987) [pdf]

'Do Computers Think?'
Issues Number 3, April 1986.

'On the Distinction Between Science and Common Sense' (March, 1985) [pdf]

'Wanted: A new song unto the Lord
' (FCS, 1975; 1981) [pdf]

'Aesthetics, art and education: a Christian look at art' (1980) [pdf] No Icing on the Cake: Christian Foundations for Education (ed. Jack Mechielsen) (Brookes-Hall Publishing Foundation, 1980)

'Aesthetics, art and education: consequences for curriculum'
(1980) [pdf]
No Icing on the Cake: Christian Foundations for Education (ed. Jack Mechielsen) (Brookes-Hall Publishing Foundation, 1980)

'A Christian Look at Educating Art & Aesthetics' (Sept 1978) [pdf]

'A Christian Philosophy of Culture'
(April 1978) [pdf]

'Whom Shall We Serve: Clamour in the Midst of Silence' (FCS) [pdf]

'Paradise Lost - The Threat to Constitutional Democracy in NZ'

'The Spirits That Motivate The World  - Homosexuality' [pdf]

'Humanity as a community called to love and serve: considerations of the christian political task'.   Insight Volume 1, Number 1.

On-line [off site]

'The Islamist challenge to the western view' Stimulus

The Institutes of an Evolutionary Confession of Faith: But Is Nietzsche Wrong? Stimulus 2009

Whose garden is it?
The water crisis in biblical perspective

Has salt lost its savour?[pdf]

The emergence of a new historical epoch?
Terrorism, the axis of evil, the power of the ring and a calling to re-read the book of Revelation

Refugees, border control and the calling of the people of God
Revised summary notes

The Significance of Wiremu Tamihana
Draft of a book chapter which formed the basis for a paper presented at the seminar on Colonialism and Christianity, Wellington, sponsored jointly by the Maori Anglican Diocese of Wellington and ACS, May 2003.