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On Kuyper - a bibliography

This first appeared in Bishop, S, and Kok, J. (eds). 2013. On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work & Legacy of Abraham Kuyper. Sioux Center: Dordt College Press, pp. 453-476.

A series of articles from 2014 onwards reviewing books and articles written on Kuyper 9including translations of Kuyper''s work) has been published under the title "Kuyperania" in the journal Koers

2014. Recent Kuyperania Koers 79(1)

2015. More Kuyperania Koers 80(3)

2015. A British export: E.L. Hebdent Taylor Pro Rege

2015. A history of the Reformational movement in the UK part 1 Koers 80(4)

2016. A history of the Reformational movement in the UK part 2 Koers 81(1)

2016. Kuyperania in 2015 Koers 81(3)

2017. Perceptions of Refomational Philosophy – an empirical study Koers 82(1)

2017. Kuyperania 2016 Koers 82(1)

2018. Kuyperania 2017 Koers 83(1)

2019. Kuyperania 2018 Koers 84(1)

2019. Kuyper and vaccinations: a case study in Kuyper’s approach to an ethical issue Koers 84(1)

2019. Abraham Kuyper’s nascent views on art Journal for Christian Scholarship 55(3)

2020. Kuyperania 2019 Koers 85(1)

2020. Abraham Kuyper: cultural transformer Foundations 79(Autumn)

2021. Abraham Kuyper’s view of the natural sciences Koers 86(1)

2021. Kuyperania 2020 Koers at press

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Comment magazine has had a Kuyper month with these articles 
An Eclectic Inheritance: Kuyper's Politics Today by Tracy Kuperus (25 October)MINE! Kuyper for a new century by Richard Mouw (18 October)Casting Call: Abraham Kuyper and the Drama of History by Eric Miller (11 October)The Full Weight of our Convictions: The Point of Kuyperian Pluralism by Jonathan Chaplin (1 November)

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• Michael Bräutigam 'A queen without a throne? Harnack, Schlatter, and Kuyper on theology in the university'
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