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Ethics: Person, Practices and Society International Symposium

Workshop papers:

  Andrew Basden Enrich humanist thinking

  Henk Stoker The ethical dilemma of �unethical� religious movements

  Ralph Vunderink Love, power and justice

  Bennie van der Walt A shame-/versus a guilt-orientated conscience: an explanation for difference between African and Western ethics

  Hans Burger The significance of �being in Christ� for Christian ethics

  Harry Cook These all look to you: Darwin and Psalm 104

  Rudi Hayward Na�ve experience and differentiated practices

  Michael Heyns The transcendentalness of the moral order

  Yasunori Ichikawa God, man and nature in the Christian and Japanese-Shintoistic views, implications for environmental ethics

  Ananka Loubser Nature vs culture in sustainable environmental management

  Martin Rice Moral intuitionism: moral properties as directly perceived, non-mysterious parts of the world

  Jonathan Chaplin Public justice as a political norm

  Giacomo Carlo Di Gaetano The reception of reformed epistemology in the Italian philosophical context

  Peter Stoker Christian ethic and the concept of creation

  Danie Strauss Legal rights for plants and animals

  Pieter Vos Educating for Autonomy: Reconstructing a Moral Ideal

  Marc de Vries Ethics and the increasing complexity of technology

  Albert Weidman Integrity and accountability in applied linguistics

Andre Troost The Christian Ethos (translated into English by Kobus and Yvonne Smith) (Bloemfontein: Patmos, 1983).

Worldview books

2008. Craig G. Bartholomew and Mike W. Goheen. 2008. Living at the Crossroads: An Introduction to Christian Worldview. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic.
There are a number of excellent resources to accompany this book here.

J. Mark Bertrand. 2007. (Re)Thinking Worldviews: Learning to Think, Live, and Speak in This World. Wheaton: Crossway Books.

Steven Garber.2007. The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior. Downers Grove: IVP. 2nd edn.

Julian Hardyman. 2006. Glory Days: Living the Whole of your Life for Jesus. Leicester: IVP.

Arthur F. Holmes. 1983. Contours of a World View. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

David Naugle. 2002. Worldview: The History of a Concept. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

Paul A. Marshall, et al eds. 1989. Stained Glass: Worldview and Social Science. Lanham MD: University Press of America.

Paul Marshall and Lela Gilbert. 1998. Heaven is not my Home: Living in the Now of God's Creation. Nashville: Word.

Nancy Pearcey. 2004. Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from its Cultural Captivity. Wheaton: Crossway Books.

John Peck and Charles Strohmer. 2001. Uncommon Sense: God's Wisdom for our Complex and Changing World. London: SPCK.

James W. Sire. 1976. The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog. Downers Grove: IVP. 4th revised edn 2004.

James W. Sire. 2004. Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept. Downers Grove: IVP.

Brian J. Walsh and J. Richard Middleton The Transforming Vision: Shaping a Christian Worldview. Downers Grove: IVP.

B. J. van der Walt. 1991. Anatomy of Reformation: Flashes and Fragments of a Reformational Worldview. Potchefstroom: Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education.

B. J. van der Walt. 1994. The Liberating Message: A Christian Worldview for Africa. (Potchefstroom: Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education, Institute for Reformational Studies).

B. J. van der Walt. 2001. Transformed by the Renewing of Your Mind: Shaping a Biblical Worldview and a Christian Perspective on Scholarship. Potchefstroom: Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Africa.

B. J. van der Walt. 2008. The Eye is the Lamp of the Body:Worldviews and their Impact. Potchefstroom: Institute for Contemporary Christianity in Africa.

Michael E. Wittmer.2004. Heaven Is a Place on Earth: Why Everything You Do Matters to God. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.

Al Wolters. 1985. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. Second edition 1988. Revised and expanded 2005 (with Mike Goheen)

Art and aesthetics

Craig Bartholomew 1994. “'Dominion’ as a Key to Understanding Art,” in Venster op Die Kunste: Christelike Perspektiewe/ A Window on the Arts: Christian Perspectives (Potchefstroom: IRS, 1994), 41-57.

Hilary Brand and Adrienne Dengerink Art and Soul: Signposts for Christians in the Arts Piquant, 2001.

Adrienne [Dengerink] Chaplin , 'Past the Post: Post-modernist Art and Beyond,' Third Way (March 1988) 14-16

Adrienne Dengerink Chaplin 'What's the point?' Summer reading and the arts Comment 2007.

Duncan Roper

'The gospel, art and aesthetic theory'. Issues Number 6, November 1990.

'Aesthetics, art and education: a Christian look at art' (1980) [pdf] No Icing on the Cake: Christian Foundations for Education (ed. Jack Mechielsen) (Brookes-Hall Publishing Foundation, 1980)

'Aesthetics, art and education: consequences for curriculum' (1980) [pdf] No Icing on the Cake: Christian Foundations for Education (ed. Jack Mechielsen) (Brookes-Hall Publishing Foundation, 1980)

'A Christian Look at Educating Art & Aesthetics' (Sept 1978) [pdf]

Hans Rookmaker
Art Needs no Justification (IVP, 1978) on-line version Modern Art and the Death of a Culture (IVP, 1970) Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker (editor) The Complete Works of Hans R. Rookmaaker (Piquant, 2002/3) vols 1-6:
1. Art, Artists and Gauguin
2. New Orleans Jazz, Mahalia Jackson and the Philosophy of Art
3. The Creative Gift, Dürer, Dada and Desolation Row
4. Western Art and the Meanderings of a Culture
5. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture
6. Our Calling and God’s Hand in History

Richard and Janice Russell The darkening West: a study in contemporary art and philosophy (available from CSU here.)

Calvin Seerveld Seerveld's books are available from Tuppence Press (in North America) and the Christian Studies Unit (in the UK) and Piquant (in the UK)
Rainbows for a Fallen World. Toronto: Tuppence Press, 2005 Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves: Alternative Steps in Understanding Art Piquant 2000.

On Seerveld:

Gregory Baus Seerveld’s Hineinlebenshaltung

Lambert Zuidervaart and Hernry Luttikhuizen eds., Pledges of Jubilee. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1995

Lambert Zuidervaart, Artistic Truth: Aesthetics, Discourse, and Imaginative Disclosure. Cambridge University press, forthcoming.

Lambert Zuidervaart and Henry Luttikhuizen, eds., The Arts, Community and Cultural Democracy (St. Martin's, 2000)


Craig Bartholomew, Jonathan Chaplin, and Al Wolters, eds., A Royal Priesthood: The Use of the Bible Ethically and Politically. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002.

Jonathan Chaplin

1992. Politics and the Parties: When Christians Disagree. Leicester: IVP, 1992

1995. ‘Dooyeweerd's Notion of Societal Structural Principles’. Philosophia Reformata 60 : 16-36.

1997. 'Catholic Political Thought: What Can Evangelicals Learn' Transformation 14 (3:10.

1998. “Christian Theories of Democracy.” In Contemporary Political Studies, 1998, Volume II, edited by Andrew Dobson and Jeffrey Stanyer. UK: Political Studies Association of the UK, 1998.

2000. “Beyond Liberal Restraint: Defending Religiously Based Arguments in Law and Public Policy.” University of British Columbia Law Review 33/3 (2000): 617-646.

2000. ‘Silencing the Silencers: Reclaiming a Christian Voice in Political Debate’. Pro Rege 29 (1).

2003. ‘On Globalization: An Exercise in Public Theology’. Comment (Spring).

2006. ‘Rejecting Neutrality, Respecting Diversity: From ‘Liberal Pluralism’ to ‘Christian Pluralism’'. Christian Scholar's Review .

Jon Chaplin and Paul Marshall (ed.) 1994. Political Theory and Christian Vision: Essays in Memory of Bernard Zylstra. Lanham MD: University Press of America.

Roy Clouser 1999 'A non-reductionist theory of the State' The Myth of Religious Neutrality Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press ch 13.

Jan Dengerink 'The idea of justice' Westminster Theological Journal, XXXIX (Fall): 1–59.

Jan Dengerink 1978. The Idea of Justice in Christian Perspective. Toronto: Wedge.

Herman Dooyeweerd

  1975. Christian Idea of the State. Craig Press.

  1997. Essays in Legal, Social, and Political Philosophy. Alan M. Cameron et al (ed.). The Collected Works of Herman Dooyeweerd, Series B, Volume 2, pp. 121–55.

  2004. Political Philosophy. Daniël Strauss (ed.). The Collected Works of Herman Dooyeweerd, Series D, Volume 1 (2004), pp. 17–47.

  2010. The Crisis in Humanist Political Theory Collected Works Series B Volume 7. (ed D F M Strauss and H van Dyke)  Paideia Press

Stuart Fowler The State in the light of the Scriptures. Potchefstroom:IRS, 1988 F2 No.46

Albert Gedraitis 1972. Worship and Politics. Toronto: Wedge.

Chris Gousmett 1999. Christianity and politics: a reformational perspective. Wetenskaplike bydraes van die PU vir CHO. Reeks F1 No 384.

Bob Goudzwaard 1984 Idols of our Time. Downers Grove: IVP

Sander Griffioen 1981 Facing the New Corporatism Toronto: CLAC

William A. Harper and Theodore R. Malloch 1981. Where are we now? The State of Christian Political Reflection UPA.

E L Hebden Taylor 1969. The Christian Philosophy of Law, Politics, and the State (Craig Press)

David Koyzis

  1997. ‘Canadian Election Accentuates Divisions Once Again,’ Public Justice Report (July-August). 1997. ‘A Call to Reform the Canadian Electoral System,’ Public Justice Report (July-August).

  2001. Symposium: The Future of Federalism,’ Comment (July-August): 14-15.

  2000. ‘Voter turnout and competitive politics,’ Public Justice Report 23 (3).

  2002. ‘Differentiated Responsibility and the Challenge of Religious Diversity,’ Journal of Markets & Morality 5 (1) (spring 2002): 199-207.

  2003. Political Visions and Illusions (Downers Grove: IVP).

  2004. ‘Christianity and Liberalism: Two Alternative Religious Approaches,’ the New Pantagruel: Hymns in the Whorehouse, (Summer) 1 (3).

  2004. ‘Making a Good Constitution Better: A Response to Janet Ajzenstat,’ Comment (Work Research Foundation) (Winter): 15-21.

Abraham Kuyper1991. Problem of Poverty ed Jim Skillen. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans

Abraham Kuyper 1931 Lectures on Calvinism (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans)

Paul Marshall.

  1986. Thine is the Kingdom (Basingstoke: Marshalls)

  1991. A Calvinist Political Theory Potchefstroom: IRS, F1 no 283, 1991.

  2002. God and the Constitution: Christianity and American Politics (Rowman & Littlefield).

Rockne McCarthy et al.1981. Society, State, School: A Case for Structural and Confessional Pluralism. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans.

Henry Meeter 1990 (6th edn)The Basic ideas of Calvinism: The Theological and Political Ideas (revised by Paul Marshall) Grand Rapids: Baker, 1990.

Richard Mouw 1983. Politics and the Biblical Drama Grand Rapids: Baker Book House

Monsma, Stephen V. 1994. Pursuing Justice in a Sinful World. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 1984.

H E Runner 1962. Scriptural Religion and Political Task Guardian Pub Co.

Gary Scott Smith 1989. God and Politics: Four Views on the Reformation of Civil Government P&R Publishing

Timothy R. Sherratt and Ronald P. Manhurin 1995. Saints as Citizens: A Guide to Public Responsibilities for Christians. Baker Books and The Center for Public Justice.

Jim Skillen see the full bibliography here and Wearne (2008)

Skillen, James and Rockne M. McCarthy (ed) 1991. Political Order and the Plural Structure of Society. Emory University, Scholars Press, 1991. Spykman, Gordon, et al. 1988. Let My People Live: Faith and Struggle in Central America. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans.

Alan Storkey 1979. A Christian Social Perspective Leicester: IVP.

Alan Storkey 2005. Jesus and Politics Grand Rapids: Baker.

B J van der Walt

    1981. No.18 Why the State? Bible Study on Romans 13 and Revelation 13 F2 No 18.

   1999. No 50 Religion and Society: Christian involvement in the public square (86 pages) F3 No 50.

B J van der Walt and Rita Swanepoel (ed) 1995. Confessing Christ in Doing Politics Orientation Jan-Dec (75-78)

Bruce Wearne 2008 Public Justice for All: An Annotated Bibliography of the Works of James W. Skillen, 1967-2008 Bristol: allofliferedeemed

John Witte Jr 1993. Christian Democracy in Global Context Oxford: Westview. Bernard Zylstra - see bibliography here.


Andy Hartropp. 1997. "Christianity and Economics: an Annotated Bibliography", Association of Christian Economists December

Bruce C Wearne Cultivating Care within a Vulnerable Economy: an annotated bibliography of the English writings of Bob Goudzwaard 1967-2008
A full bibliography of Christian economist Bob Goudzwaard's English writings - contains links to most of his works.

Books and articles

Henk Aay & Ab Van Langevelde, 2005. "A Dooyeweerd-Based Approach To Regional Economic Development," Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, Royal Dutch Geographical Society KNAG, vol. 96(2), pages 184-198, 04

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B. J. van der Walt. 2004. ¿The Bible on poverty and wealth our task as Christians¿. Woord en Daad/ Word and Action 44 (388): 9-12.

Language and lingusitics

Pam Adams 1999. Phonics, whole language, and biblical hermeneutics. Pro Rege 28: 1-8.

Kornelius J. Boot 1987. Language: A few observations from a biblical perspective. Pro Rege 15:11-15.

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David Smith:
with Barbara Cavill The Gift of the Stranger: Faith, Hospitality and Foreign Language Learning

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Albert Weideman

Forthcoming. Beyond Expression: A Systematic Study of the Foundations of Linguistics Paideia Press/ Reformational Publishing Project.

   1977. Three journeys: one tradition. Standpunte 130 [Vol. 30 (4): 55-62].

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   2006d. Academic Literacy: Prepare to Learn

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   2008a. The idea of lingual economy. Paper to be read at the ICCLING 2008 conference, Stellenbosch, January. Submitted to Koers. [pdf of PowerPoint presentation]

   2008b. Constitutive and regulative conditions for the assessment of academic literacy. Paper to be read at a colloquium on "Testing the academic literacy of additional language students" at the AILA 2008 conference in Essen, Germany, 26 August.[pdf of PowerPoint presentation]


Journal of Psychology and Christianity - the journal of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies

Bussema, Ken.1993. 'Perspectives on developmental psychology.' Pro Rege 22 (1):1-8.

Roy Clouser. 2005 (rev edn). 'Theories in psychology'. The Myth of Religious Neutrality (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press) ch 9

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Arnold H. De Graaff 2009. A Critical Essay: An evaluation of James H. Olthuis' A Beautiful Risk
A New Psychology of Loving and Being Loved

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Tory Hoff

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Ian Ridgway

Lectures given during 2006 and 2007 at Tabor College, Melbourne, Australia as part of the Bachelor in Christian Counselling program
Earlier Lectures
Harry van Belle D Russel Bishop. 1988. Integrating Psychology and Christianity. A Biographical Sketch of Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen PSCF 40 (December 1988): 229-231.

Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
  • 1976. 'View from the lion’s den: Integrating psychology and Christianity in the secular university classroom.' Christian Scholar’s Review 5: 364-373.
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  • 1984. 'The female reconstructs psychology.' Journal of Psychology and Christianity 3 (2): 20-32.
  • 1985. The Person on Psychology: A Contemporary Christian Appraisal (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans)
Contents 1.Psychology in a Postmodern Age.
2.Non-western Psychologies from Ancient Times.
3.Ancient Greek Psychologies:Man as the Measure of All Things.
4.The Biblical Drama & the Meaning of Personhood.
5.Psychologists & Psychology's Paradigm.
6.Psychology & the Brain-Mind Debate.
7. Behavioral Psychology at Seventy.
8.The Cognitive Revival.
9.Social Psychology:A Battleground between two paradigms.
10.Personality Psychology; an Ambiguous Ally.
11.Psychology & the Agenda for the Future.
  • 1987. 'Personality theorizing within a Christian world view.' In: T Burke (ed). Man and mind: A Christian theory of personality. Millsdale, MI: Hillsdale College Press, pp. 171-198.
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Paul Vitz. 1994. Psychology as Religion:The Cult of Self-Worship, (Paternoster/Eerdmans, (2nd Edition) ).

Roderick G. Youngs. 1953. A prolegomena to a Christian psychology Calvin Forum vol. 18 (March) pp. 150-155.

Organisations etc.
The Network of Christians in Psychology (NeCIP) is a UK-based organisation for Christian professional and student psychologists in academic and applied settings

Christian psychology forum



Ian Barbour Ethics in an Age of Technology (The Gifford lectures 1990-91) (London: SCM, 1992) Examines the ethical challenges that technology confronts us with.

Andrew Basden Philosophical Frameworks for Understanding Information Systems (IGI Publishing, 2008) Develops a Dooyeweerdian approach to information systems - essential reading!

Allen Emerson and Cheryl Forbes The Invasion of the Computer Culture (Leicester: IVP, 1990)
An examination of some of the key questions the computer culture has forced upon us. They also offer practical ways that computers can be used without being seduced by the bad. This should be required reading for all Christians who use computers!

Jacques Ellul Technological Society (London: Jonathon Cape, 1965) A pessimistic view of technology. Sees technology as a product of the fall. An important work nonetheless.

Allan Jiggins Human Future: Living as Christians in a High-Tech World (London: Scripture Union, 1988)
A useful introductory book.

David Lyon The Silicon society (Tring: Lion, 1986)
An insightful Christian critique of the computer culture.

Albert Borgmann Power Failure: Christianity in the Culture of Technology. (Grand Rapids, MI: Brazos, 2003)

Church of England BSR Cybernauts Awake

Monsma, Stephen V (ed). Responsible Technology: A Christian Perspective. Eerdmans, 1986. An indispensable book. If you only read one book on technology it should be this one!

Mitcham, Carl and Jim Grote, eds. Theology and Technology: Essays in Christian Analysis and Exegesis (New York: University Press of America, 1984)

Parker Rossman and Richard Kirby Christians and the World of Computers: Professional and Social Excellence in the Computer World (London: SCM, 1990) A study book; each chapter comes with suggestions for study and reading.

David Pullinger Information Technology and Cyberspace: Extra-connected living. (London, Darton, Longman & Todd, 2001)

Carl Mitcham and Jim Groote (eds) Theology and Technology: Essays in Christian Analysis and Exegesis (Lanham: University Press of America, 1984)
Has an extensive annotated bibliography, as well as containing useful articles by Ellul and Schurmann among others. Hendrick van Riessen The Society of the Future (Presbyterian and Reformed, no date)

Egbert Schuurman

  • (1977, 1983) Reflections on the Technological Society. Toronto: Wedge Pub.
  • (1980) Technology and the Future -- A Philosophical Challenge. Toronto: Wedge Pub
Not an easy read but well worth persevering with. Presents a Christian critique of Junger, Heidegger, Ellul, Meyer, Weiner, Steinbuch and Klaus.(1987) Christians in Babel. Jordan Station: Paideia Press.
  • (1990) The Future: Our Choice or Gods Gift? Exile Publications, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • (1994, 1995) Perspectives on Technology and Culture. IRS Press, South Africa/ Dordt Press, USA.
  • (1995) The Technological Culture between the Times -A Christian Philosophical Assessment of Contemporary Society. Dordt Press.
  • (2000) Faith and Hope in Technology. Toronto, Canada, 2003.
  • (2005) The Technological World Picture and an Ethics of Responsibility: Struggles in the Ethics of Technology. Dordt College Press.

Schuurman writes from a reformational perspective; his books are essential reading for all those who want to see what a Christian approach looks like.

Schultze, Quentin. Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

Chapters in books

Egbert Schuurman:
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Macht's Philosophy of technology website
A list of online technology articles

Society, Religion and Technology Project (Church of Scotland)

Faith, Science and Technology (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

Science and Christian Faith: Technoculture and the Future (Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary)

Institute for Religion, Technology and Culture
A website in development by a Canadian pioneer in the relation of theology and information technology.


Christian Scholars Review 31 (4) 2002 - special issue on Geography:
  • Tom Bulten - Community and Propinquity of Church Members [Abstract]
  • Iain Wallace - Globalization: Discourse of Destiny or denial? [Abstract]
  • Mark D. Bjelland - Until Justice and Stewardship Embrace: Or, How a Geographer Thinks About Brownfield Sites [Abstract]
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Chapters on:
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  • Postmodern Epistemologies: Are we stuck with our relatives? (Ley)
  • A Christian reading of the global economy (Wallace)
  • Christian worldview and geography: positivism, covenantal relations, and the importance of place (Curry-Roper)
  • God's own countries? Contours of a Christian worldview in Geography (Hoekveld-Meijer)
  • Alien in a foreign land: Human geography from the perspective of Christian citizenship (Hoekveld)
  • Christian worldview and geography: Christian schools in the Netherlands 1900-1960 (Aay)
  • Perspectives, Worldviews and Structures (Griffioen).
Available from CSU

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Gene B. Chase and Calvin Jongsma Bibliography of Christianity and mathematics 1910-1983 (Dordt, Iowa: Dort College, 1983)

An extensive annotated bibliography of papers and books dealing with Christian approaches and attitudes to maths.

Journals 45t">

Journal of the ACMS

Full length Books

Robert L. Brabenec A Christian Perspective on the Foundations of Mathematics (Wheaton College, 1977)

Brabenec has edited a number of 'Mathematics from a Christian Perspective' Conference Proceedings, of which this is the first. They contain a wealth of useful information of integrating math and a Christian worldview, however, they are concerned primarily with higher education. Many of the articles are now available on-line here.

John Byl The Divine Challenge: on Matter, Mind, Math and Meaning (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth Trust, 2004) Review here by Russell Howell.

Charis Mathematics Project Charis Mathematics (Units 1-9 & Units 10-19; A1 -A6) (John Shortt, director) (editors John Shortt and John Westwell) (Nottingham: The Stapleford Centre, 1996 and 1997)

Photocopiable materials for bringing out the 'spiritual and moral' aspects of mathematics at the secondary school level; written by Christian teachers of mathematics.

Roy A. Clouser The Myth of Religious Neutrality: A Essay on the Hidden Role of Religious Belief in Theories (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame, 1991; 2nd edn 2005)

Chapter 7 looks at some theories in mathematics (number-world theory; J. S. Mill; Bertrand Russell;and John Dewey) and shows how they all depend on divinising certain aspects of creation.

Andrew M. Hartely Christian and Humanist Foundations for Statistical Inference (Resource Publications, Wipf and Stock, 2008)

Looks at four of the dominant paradigms in statistics and compares them with a Christian worldview

James Nikel Mathematics: Is God Silent? (Vallecito, CA: Ross House Books, 1990; 2nd edn 2000)

Written to show that God is not! Contains many useful examples.

Russell W. Howell and James Bradley (ed.) Mathematics in a Postmodern Age: A Christian Perspective (Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, 2001)

Examines the nature of mathematics, the influence of maths and faith perspectives in mathematics from a Christian perspective.

Calvin Jongsma and Trudy Baker The Shape and Number of Things: An Integrated Math Curriculum for the Elementary School (Toronto: Curriculum Development Center)

A complete primary school package.

T. Koetsier and L. Bergmans (eds) Mathematics and the Divine A Historical Study(Elsevier Science, 2004)

Chapters in books

Harro Van Brummelen Walking with God in the Classroom: Christian Approaches to Learning and Teaching (Ontario: Welch, 1988)

Though on Christian education in general, this book contains many insights into mathematics.

Gene B. Chase 'Has Christian theology furthered mathematics' In Facets of Faith and Science vol 2: The Role of Beliefs in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences: An Augustinian Perspective. Jitse M. van der Meer (ed.) University Press of America/ Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies: Lanham/ Ancaster, 1996.

Harold Heie and David L. Wolfe (editors) The Reality of Christian Learning: Strategies for Faith-Discipline Integration (Grand Rapids: Christian University Press/ Eerdmans, 1987)

Harold Heie and Gene Chase contribute two chapters on ways of integrating the Christian faith and mathematics.

Vern Poythress ¿A biblical view of mathematics¿ in Foundations of Christian Scholarship: Essays in the Van Til Perspective (Vallecito, CA: Ross House, 1976)

Develops a [Cornelius] Van Tilian approach to maths

Geraldine J. Steensma and Harro W. Van Brummelen Shaping School Curriculum: A Biblical View (Terre Haute, Ind: Signal, 1977)

Contains a useful chapter on math education by Van Brummelen and some examples (Statistics and Deductive Geometry) of how this translates into classroom practice.

Danie F. M. Strauss 'A historical analysis of the role of beliefs in the three foundational crises in mathematics'. In Facets of Faith and Science vol 2: The Role of Beliefs in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences: An Augustinian Perspective. Jitse M. van der Meer (ed.) University Press of America/ Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies: Lanham/ Ancaster, 1996.

Danie F. M. Strauss 'Primitive meaning in mathematics: the interaction among commitment, theoretical worldview and axiomatic set theory'. In Facets of Faith and Science vol 2: The Role of Beliefs in Mathematics and the Natural Sciences: An Augustinian Perspective. Jitse M. van der Meer (ed.) (Lanham/ Ancaster: University Press of America/ Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies:, 1996).

Anthony Tol 'Counting , number concepts and numerosity' in Hearing and Doing John Kraay and Anthony Tol (ed.) (Toronto: Wedge, 1979)

Noel Weeks The Christian School: An Introduction (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth)

Chapter 12 deals with maths. He contrasts rationalist and romanticist views of math education and offers some pointers for a Christian approach.


Steve Bishop 'Beliefs shapes mathematics' Spectrum 28 (2) (Spring 1996)

Examines several philosophies of maths to show that maths is not neutral but shaped by beliefs. The contours of a Christian approach to maths are sketched.

Steve Bishop 'Mathematics and the myth of neutrality' Christian School Education 5 (4) (2001-2002): 19-21

James Bradley 'Two ways of knowing' Journal of the ACMS 2004 (Aug)

Edward Fackerell 'The Relationship Between Mathematics and the Christian Faith'. Christian Teachers Journal, Vol 11, No. 2, May 2003. (The Christian Teachers Journal can be contacted at: PO Box 7000, Blacktown NSW 2148 Australia)

Edward Fackerell 'A Christian perspective on teaching mathematics'.

Geertsema, Jan C. A Christian View of the Foundations of Statistics PSCF 39 (September 1997):158-164

Jan Gormas 'A search for intellectual, relational and spiritual integrity: secondary mathematics from a Christian perspective' Education and Christian Belief 9(2) (2005) abstract

Anglea Hare 'Mathematics and Christianity: Integration Project'

Laura Harrington 'All I really need to know I learned .... in maths class???'

Andrew M. Hartley The Philosophy of the Law Idea and the Role of the Prescientific in Statistical Inference Journal of the ACMS 2004 (Dec)

H. Harold Hartzler The Meaning of Mathematics JASA 1 (January 1949):13-19.

Willem Kuyk 'Some questions on the foundation of logic' Philosophia Reformata 34 (1969) 142-146

P. MacKenzie Entry Points for Christian Reflection within education (London: CARE, 1997) (Now available as an e-book)

Chapter 7 is on mathematics and looks at how it is approached from a UK Christian schools perspective.

Paul Marshall 'Mathematics and politics' Philosophia Reformata 44 (1979) 113-136

Andrew Palfryman School mathematics and christian faith - are they related? ActNow Summer 2005.

Vern Poythress Creation and Mathematics; or What Does God Have to Do with Numbers? The Journal of Christian Reconstruction 1/1:128-40.

Vern Poythress Mathematics as Rhyme Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation 35/4:196-203. (See my comments here)

Vern Poythress 'Newton's Laws as Allegory' Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation 35/3:156-161.

Sharon K Robbert Christianity and mathematics Devotionals with mathematics content!

Duncan Roper Euler and the Konisberg bridges: some lessons for the philosophy of mathematics

Roger Slack Mathematics: An Historical Survey (Nottingham: ACT Mathematics Group 1981-83)

A useful 30-page booklet dealing with the history of math from the Pythagoreans to the present from a Christian perspective.

M D Stafleu 'The mathematical and technical opening up of a field of science' Philosophia Reformata 43 (1978).

Danie F. M. Strauss 'Number concept and number-idea' PhilosophiaReformata. 35 (1970): 156-177

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Danie F. M. Strauss 'Mathematics and the Real World' Koers Year/Vol.65(1) April 2000, pp.95-121.

Danie F. M. Strauss Reductionism in Mathematics: Philosophical Reflections Journal for Christian Scholarship , Year 37, 1ste en 2nd Quarter, 2001, pp.1-12

Danie F. M. Strauss Is a Christian Mathematics possible? Tydskrif vir Christelike Wetenskap/Journal for Christian Scholarship, 2003(3&4):31-49.

Any other suggestions?



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