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John Kok (1948-2020) was born in Grand Rapids, MI and grew up in the Chicago area. Prior to his retirement in 2014, Dr. John H. Kok was Dean for the Humanities, Dean for Research and Scholarship, and Professor of Philosophy. He graduated in 1971 from Trinity Christian College where he studied under Calvin Seerveld, Pete Steen, Richard Russell and others. 

He and his family lived in Amsterdam for twelve years, during which time he was a student at the Free University. He completed the PhD in philosophy in 1992 with a dissertation on the early development of the Dutch philosopher Dirk Vollenhoven.

He became professor of philosophy at Dordt College in 1983. He published and edited several of books including On Kuyper for Dordt Press. He was also the Director of the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service.

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