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Journal of  Christian Scholarship

The Journal for Christian Scholarship is a publication of the Association for Christian Higher Education.

It was founded in 1948 to promote the ideal of Christian Scholarship and Christian Education.
It is now in its 42nd year of existence and it appears 4 times a year (normally combined in two double numbers). The contents vary between 350 and 500 pages annually.

About 40% to 50% of the articles published are written in English. Anyone interested in subscribing to JCS can do that for the equivalent of SAR50,00 � less than US$10,00 per year! Current Editor: D F M Strauss

The journal publishes positive contributions to the development of Christian Scholarship (in all disciplines) and it encourages critical discussions of the idea of Christian Scholarship � including by those who may be coming from a different orientation.

Online subscription is possible with 'Sabinet' South Africa � contact Mr. Hugo Hayes at vcho@mjvn.co.za for more information

Editorial information
Editor: Prof. D.F.M. Strauss

Editorial staff
Dr. Roy A. Clouser (Trenton State College, Hillwood Lakes, Trenton NJ, U.S.A.)
Dr. Titus A. Th. Spoelstra (Radio-Sterrewag, Dwingeloo, Nederland)
Prof. W.J. Richards (Bloemfontein, S.A.)
Prof. O.A. Henning (Bloemfontein, S.A.)
Prof. A.W.G. Raath (Bloemfontein, S.A)
Prof. D.F.M. Strauss (Bloemfontein, S.A.)
Secretary : Mr. H.J. Hayes.

Articles published in English


Dr P G Schrotenboer - The marks of the institutional church


Prof B J van der Walt - Historiography of Philosophy: the consistent problem-historic method


Prof A J Weideman - Four absudist plays reconsidered
D J van den Berg - Backgrounds to modern "religious" painting
(I) The elementary linguistic concept linguil unity and mutiplicity - Prof A J Weideman
(II) The elementary sociological concept unity and multiplicity - Prof D F M Strauss
(III) Aesthetic unity and multiplicity as elementary concept of aesthetics, art -theory, art -historiography and hermenutics -
D J van den Berg Prof D F M Strauss - The transcendental-empirical method: a provisional analysis of the modal aspect of space
D J van den Berg - The elementary concepts of historical coherence and historical context in Art -historiography
Prof A J Weideman - Spatial analogies in the lingual aspect
Prof D F M Strauss - The elementary concepts lingual field and analytical field - the distinction between word and concept


Prof D F M Strauss - Immanuel Kant (1724 - 1804)
Prof D F M Strauss - The transcendental-empirical method - the distinction between the kinematical and physical aspects
Prof A J Weideman - Lingual constancy as an elementary concept of linguistics
D J van den Berg - Aesthetic exension and related elementary concepts of modal aesthetics, art -theory and hermeneutics (I)
H Fernhout - Man, Faith and Religion in Bavinck, Kuyper and Dooyeweerd (I) -


D J van den Berg - Aesthetic extension and related concepts of modal easthetics, art -theory and hermeneutics
H Fernhout - Man, Faith and Religion in Bavinck, Kuyper and Dooyeweerd (II)
H Fernhout - Man, Faith and Religion in Bavinck, Kuyper and Dooyeweerd (III)
Dr R L Haan - Man and Methodology in Economic Science


D Sinnema - Luther and Calvin on Christianity and Politics
Prof B J van der Walt - The intellectual decor of the Reformation - with special reference to Calvin
Prof D F M Strauss - Infinity
Prof D F M Strauss - Consensus and conflict - analysed in terms of a few elementary basic concepts of Sociology
Prof A de Graaff - Psychology: sensitive openness and appropriate reactions
Prof P J Visagie - University or Multiversity


Prof A M Wolters - Facing the perplexing history of Philosophy
Kent Zigterman - Form, Universal and Individual in Aristotle
Prof D F M Strauss - Introduction to Cosmology


Prof P J Visagie - Some basic concepts concerning the idea of Origin in Reformational Philosophy and Theology
E S de Villiers - Schematic representation in Medieval Art against the background of allegorical Scriptural exegesis
Prof B J van der Walt - Why the State? Bible Study on Romans 13 and Revelation 13
Prof James W Skillen - Politics and Eschatology - political action and the coming of God's Kingdom
Prof J Klapwijk - The Dutch Neo -Calvinistic tradition and rationality
Dr T A Th Spoelstra - Comments on Evolution


Prof H Hart - The articulation of Belief - a link between Rationality and Commitment
Prof D F M Strauss - The nature of Philosophy
Prof D F M Strauss - Introduction to a philosophy of the infinite
Prof A H Snyman - Lexicographical remarks on "ekklesia" in the Greek New Testament
Prof A W G Raath - The classical theory of empiricism in the philosophy of John Locke


M D Stafleu - The kind of motion we call heat


Prof A W G Raath - David Hume: practicalist or scientist?
Prof E J Echeverria - Dooyeweerd on God, Faith and Reason


Prof Jacob Klapwijk - The struggle for a Christian Philosophy: another look at Dooyeweerd
Dr James W Skillen - Herman Dooyeweerd's contribution tot the philosophy of the social sciences


Dr Harry A van Belle - Basic Anthropological Intent and Psychotherapeutic approach
Dr Roy A Clouser - Divine accomodation: an alternative theory of religious language
Prof A P Bos - The ground motive of greek culture and the titanic perspective on the meaning of reality


Bob van der Vennen - Reflections on Christianity and Chemistry
Prof Jim Olthuis - The Word of God and Creation
Prof D F M Strauss - A systematic appreciation of Hart's ontology
Dr Anthony Tol - Mathematics at a Christian College
Dr T A Th Spoelstra - Is Man subject or object?


Dr Sidney Greidanus - The use of the Bible in Christian scholarship
Dr P Marshall - Is there a Calvinist political theory?
Prof D F M Strauss - The uniqueness of Number and Space and the relation between Realism and Nominalism


Dr T A Th Spoelstra - Tolerance and human dignity
Sidney Greidanus - The universal dimension of law in the Hebrew scriptures
Dr Paul Marshall - Substance and method in Weber's Protestant Ethic
Philip Blosser - Soul and Body in the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd


Prof H van Riessen - Science in the light of the relation between thinking and believing
Prof D F M Strauss - Metaphor and Paradigm
Prof H van der Walt - A reformational view of the child as the basis of Reformational Pedagogics
A J Pelser, L J S Botes, L van der Berg - The role of politics in the South African population devolpment programme
Dr T A Th Spoelstra - Shepard and Philosopher: an introduction to the anthropology of Karol Wojtyla


Prof D F M Strauss - Nominalism: a major force moulding our modern age
Prof A W G Raath - H G Stoker's cosmo-created philosophy of language
Prof M E Botha - The mediating role of metaphor and analogy in the relationship between science and religion
Prof J H Smit - Affirmative action conditions for implementation
Prof P G Schoeman - Theories of ideology, their nature and major stratagems
M E Fourie and Prof E M Bitzer - Constant and changing emphases on values in South Africa Higher Education


Prof M E Botha - Understanding our age philosophy at a turning point of the "Turns"? the endless search for the elusive universal
Prof D F M Strauss - Mathematical paradigms


Prof D F M Strauss - The three foundational crises in Mathematics
Prof P G Schoeman - In search of the ultimate depth dimension of human behaviour a quest of archeoligal nature
Dr Martin Valenkamp - Europe's spiritual characteristic: origin and prospects
Prof P G Schoeman - The Christian and ideology
Prof E J van Niekerk - The rise of mass education in South Africa a preliminary historical overview


Harry J van Buren - Putting Calvin and Marx in conversation with each other: can (and should) labour be supreme over capital?
Dr L O K Lategan - Images of the university: which image would best serve the interest of the university in South Africa?
Drs R H Matzken - Reopening the Christian mind
Drs R H Matzken - Closing the Christian mind


Dr T A Th Spoelstra - Methodological positivism and the scientific method
Prof D F M Strauss - Leslie Newbigin and the tradition of Reformational Philosophy
Prof E J van Niekerk - Global perspectives in Education: the impact of some world problems
Prof L Ferreira - The Biblical worldview of political science
Prof D F M Strauss - Capatilism and economy theory in social philosophic perspective
Prof L Ferreira - The Biblical worldview of political science
Prof D F M Strauss - Capatilism and economy theory in social philosophic perspective
Dr D Coetzee and A le Roux - Structures of domination in present day education exposure, re creation and/or creation?
Mnr F le R Booysen - Economic development and Christianity: the responsibility for basic needs fulfillment


Dr Gideon Strauss - Modern and postmodern scholarly practice: the possibility of a Christian perspective as an alternative in Ethics
Dr I H Horn - The liquidation of Truth: the educational implications of Modernism and Postmodernism
Dr D Coetzee and A le Roux - Democratic principles and education in South Africa
A le Roux – Sphere-sovereignty as a prerequisite for Democratic Education in an open South Africa
Prof L O K Lategan - What kind of university for South Africa?
Prof C J de Villiers and Prof D S Lubbe - An overview of South African corporate environmental reporting


Dr Jeanette Steyn - A critical analysis of neuro-linguistic programming in the classroom
Prof D F M Strauss - The viability of Kuyper's idea of Christian scholarship
Prof L O K Lategan - The nature of a technological university within the context of the South African Higher Education Band
Dr I H Horn - Reading between the lines, the philosophical premises underlying OBE and Curriculum 2005
 Prof J H Smit and Y Smit - Christian Ethics and Aids
Prof A Bos and Prof D F M Strauss - Greek Ontology and Biblical Cosmology. An unbidgeable gap
Prof J J Venter - The role of Philosophy in the reformational christian university


Prof J J Venter - How worldviews germinate: Genesis versus the occult worldviews
Prof J H Smit - Abortion and reverence for life
Dr I H Horn - Natural Science and constructivism: a case for biblically grounded realism
Prof D C J Wessels and Dr H M van Niekerk- Semiotic thinking and the development of secondary school spatial knowledge
Prof T E Cloete - Genetic perspectives on the origin of life


Prof L O K Lategan - The normative university: biography of a philosopher
Prof P J Visagie - Philosophy as a language game
Prof W J Ouweneel - The year 2000 and the Epochs of World History
Mr J C van der Merwe - Why there is no need to defend Philosophy as a way of life in the West
Prof D F M Strauss - Reductionism in Mathematics: philosophical reflections
Prof D F M Strauss - Does it make sense to distinguish between the natural sciences and the humanities?
Prof L O K Lategan - Ethics in higher education: arguments for a framework related to academia's responsibility
Prof D F M Strauss - Biblical authority and the foundation of the disciplines the open book and scholarship
Prof D C J Wessels - Building the spatial operational capacity (SOC) of the primary school child through rich learning experiences: a geometry curriculum for Gauteng Province in South Africa
Prof D F M Strauss - The effect of ultimate commitments on the content of the Natural Sciences with special reference to Biology as a discipline
S A de Freitas - The fragility of life within the secular law sphere
Mrs E I Landsberg - Assessment of learners who experience learning difficulties in the regular classroom


Prof D F M Strauss - The opposition of 'Facts' and 'Values'
Dr I H Horn - Postmodern morality: its historical roots and educational implications
Prof L O K Lategan - Economic driven higher education: a philosophical analysis
Prof C J de Villiers - Changes in social disclosure by South African industrial holding companies from 1982 to 1997
Prof AWG Raath - The Origins of Defensive Natural Law in Huldrych Zwingli's Covenant Theology
SA de Freitas - A Historical Overview of the Imposition of the Death Penalty in South Africa from a Juridical Perspective
Prof PG Schoeman - On Scientific Merit, Unbiased Criticism and Criteria of Truth Ventures into the Hinterland of Critical Judgement and 'Open' Discussion
Prof LOK Lategan - "The Customer is King"; a Critical Analysis of a Customer driven Approach in Higher Education
Prof EM Lemmer - Families in Schools: Parent's experiences of Home School Relationships
Prof DFM Strauss - The Contemporary Challenge to Christian Scholarship


Prof P G Schoeman - Aquiring Critical Skills and Developing an Analytic Mindset Realistic Objective for South African education?
Prof A H Snyman - The Draft Policy on Religion in Education: A Clear Example of State Interference
Dr A le Roux and J M Louw - Nation Building and Globalisation: the Education Dilemma
Prof D C J Wessels and R Kwari - The Nature of Problemsolving in Mathematics: Traditonal vs Contemporary Views
Prof J J E Messerschmidt - Enkele Mites rondom Veeltaligheid en Onderrigtale
Dr H J Lubbe - Ideologie en Meertalige Onderwysbeleid
Prof D F M Strauss Vrae op Weg na 'n "Christelike Wiskunde"
Prof E J van Niekerk - Die Rol van Religie in die Onderwysgeskiedenis: 'n Verwaarloosde Terrein van die Historiese Opvoedkunde
Dr M A Venter Die RoomsKatolieke - Kerk: 'n Protestantse Evangeliese Evaluering
Prof L O K Lategan - What is Business Ethics?
Prof A W G Raath - The Quest for the Restoration of the Covenant and the Glory of Magistracy: Zurich and the Dutch Second Reformation
Prof D F M Strauss - Is a Christian Mathematics Possible?
Dr I H Horn - African Traditional Religion, Western Religious Shifts and Contemporary Education
Prof L O K Lategan - The Engaged University


Prof D F M Strauss - Anthropology at the Intersection of Medicine, Psychology and Culture
Prof A W G Raath - From the Corpus Christianum to the Respublica Christiana: The Theologico-Historical Integration of Magisterial Office and the Biblical Covenant in the Political Thought of the Magisterial Reformers (1519 - 1555)
Dr A Lewis and Prof E M Lemmer - Christian Missionary Endeavour in Education in South Africa (1737 - 1955)
Prof L O K Lategan - Good Business or Good Business? The Role of Values in Business
Prof P G Schoeman - Assessment of Key Features and Major Ploys of Ideology
Prof A W G Raath - The Idea of the State Subject to Law: Lessons from the German Experience 1840 - 1940
Prof D F M Strauss - The Context and After-effects of the Organicistic Orientation of Early 19th Century Romanticism
Prof C E T Kourie and Dr S P Pretorius - The Toronto Blessing and the Kundalini Experience: a Comparative Perspective
Mr S A de Freitas and Prof A W G Raath - Reformation Britain, the Political Dimension of the Covenant, and the Contribution of the Scots
Prof D F M Strauss - Philosophical Perspectives on Leisure, Play and Sport
Prof P G Schoeman - Thoughts as to the Location of Ideology Within the Sphere of "Belief Systems"
Dr L O K Lategan - Knowledge Management seen from a Reformational Context: Deanship as an Example


Prof DFM Strauss - Reason: Its Kaleidoscopic Ideological Interface Part 2 - Subsequent Historical and Systematic Considerations
Prof PG Schoeman - Reflections on the Normative Status of Critical Discourse
Prof AWG Raath and NP Swartz - Calling, Estate and Virtue: Martin Luther's Response to the Scholastic Views on the Virtues of Office
Prof DFM Strauss - Reason: Its Kaleidoscopic Ideological Interface Part 3 - The Ontic Foundations of Rationality
Prof LOK Lategan - A Reformational Framework for Research Engagement
Prof AWG Raath - Divine Law, Natural Law and Reason in Dutch Jurisprudence: The Rise of Moral Relativism in the Jurisprudence of the Dutch "Golden Age"
Prof DFM Straus - Symbolic Interaction in Social Theory - Assessed in the Light of the Elementary Basic Concepts of Sociology
Prof LOK Lategan - A Framework for Christian-informed Medical Ethics
Prof BJ van der Walt - Growing Together in Faith - How can it be Understood Theoretically and be Achieved Practically
Prof DFM Strauss - Can Legal Rights be Assigned to "Natural Objects" such as (Plants and) Animals


Dr MA Venter and Prof E Wiechers - The Mind-bending Effect of Mind-Control
Prof IH Horn - South African Education Policy and the Right to Religious Freedom
Prof BJ van der Walt - The Philosophy of D.H.Th. Vollenhoven (1892 - 1978)
Prof DFM Strauss - The Best known but Least Understood Part of Dooyeweerds Philosophy
Prof PG Schoeman - In Search of a New Morality for South African Education Part 1: Preliminary Deliberations: Between Fundamen-talism and Relativism
Prof. D.F.M. Strauss - Is the Idea of the Historical Aspect of Reality Tenable?
S. de Freitas - Religion, Legal Scholarship, and a Christian Response
Dr. C.J.S. Lombaard - Three Broad Approaches to the Study of Religious
Prof. J.D. Froneman - Communication Prof. P.G. Schoeman - In Search of a 'New Morality' for South African Education
Prof. D.F.M. Strauss - Appropriating the Legacy of Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven Prof. A.W.G. Raath and N.P. Swartz - The Implications of the Pauline Ethics of Benevolence and Natural Law Applied in the Early Lutheran Reformation

Dr H Alt - The Problem of Universals
Prof. E Botha - Metaphor, Embodiment and Fiduciary Beliefs in Science Mr A Cameron - Integrity as a Jural Concept
Prof. R Clouser - Genesis Regained: Creation not Creationism
Dr H Hart - Reading Sacred Texts Reliably
Dr M Rice - The Logic of Materialism: A Test Case for the Principium Exclusae Antinomiae
Dr MD Stafleu - Infinity and Continuity
Mnr MC van der Merwe - Ethical Decision-making: How Twenty Years of Philosophy Changed My Life
Prof. AA van Niekerk - "The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living": Socratic Dialogue Versus Sophist Debate at the Birth of Philosophy
Prof. J Visagie - Key Theory and Philosophy of Mind Prof. A Weideman - A Systematically Significant Episode in Applied Linguistics

Jeffery J. Ventrella, Esq. - Unfinished Business: Ending Developmental Apartheid - Lessons and Strategies for Church and State
Prof. J.M. Vorster - The Right to Life and Abortion - A Christian-ethical Perspective
Prof. D.E. de Villiers - The Official Stance of the Dutch Reformed Church on Abortion: A Christian-ethical Perspective
Rev. Dr R. Neville - Dodging the Dogmatisms: Methodist Reflections on Richardson :- Abortion
Prof. L.O.K. Lategan - A Reformed-ethical Perspective on Abortion
Cardinal W. Napier, OFM Spreading the Gospel of Life
Prof. A.W.G. Raath and N.P. Swartz- Benevolence and Tiny Human Life: A Pauline Platform for Ecumenical and Cultural Engagement on Abortion Ethics
Shaun A. de Freitas -Transcending 'Life' in the Biblical Protection of the Unborn: Perspectives towards a Jurisprudential Anti-abortion Apologetic
Jeanine McGill - Abortion in South Africa: How we got Here, the Consequences, and What is Needed
John Smyth, QC - Moving Towards Improvement in SA Abortion Legislation