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Antheunis Janse (1890-1960) was born in Oostkapelle, he was the son of a farmer Jan Janse and Catharina Wondergem. In 1910 he became a teacher at Schoondijke, in 1917 he taught at Biggekerke and in 1918 became head of the Christian school.

In the next two decades or so he produced numerous booklets and books. Janse had asked Vollenhoven for a copy of his doctoral thesis and the conversation began from there. They published one paper together: 'De activiteit der ziel in het rekenonderwijs' (1918).

Janse was of the instigators, with Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven behind the Association for Calvinistic Philosophy (1935). B. J. van der Walt notes that we should see Janse, Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven and the three joint founders of reformational thought.

His anthropology led him in conflict with the implicit scholasticism of many in the Gereformeerde churches. Janse stressed the unity of a human being which was not appreciated by the dualistic approach supported by V. Hepp, H. H. Kuyper and J. Ridderbos.

During the war his house was confiscated by the Nazis in 1942 and he had to move with his family to Breda. He suffered from Parkinson's disease from 1939 onwards. He was arrested in Breda, after its liberation by the Polish, after being accused of sympathising with the Germans during the war.

He died in 1960, his last words to Telder were: 'May the Lord strengthen you in your work'.

He had a great influence upon Vollenhoven, K. J. Popma, B. Telder and C. Vonk.

A list of his publications has been compiled by D Smits (2003) Inventaris van het archief van A. Janse (1890-1960).

Chris Gousmett is working on translations of some of Janse's work. Some papers are available below (courtesy of Chris).

On Janse

Geert van Dijk 2014. Het concrete is het wezenlijke. Het denken van A Janse van Biggekerke (1890-1960) over Gods verbond met mensen. [The concrete is the real. The thought of A Janse of Biggekerke (1890-1960) concerning God's covenant with humanity.] Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum Uitgevers, 2014. An English summary is here.

Chris Gousmett 2021. Researching all that is 'under the sun'. Creation order, the limits of science and the error of speculation in the thought of Antheunis Janse. Findings 2: 49-60.

B. J. van der Walt 2004. "Antheunis Janse of Biggekerke (1890-1960). Morning star of a 20th-century reformation: research article." Koers 69 (2) 221-257. Also in Steve Bishop (ed.) Like the First Gleam of Dawn: Reformation Studies - a B.J. van der Walt Reader. Ch 12.

abstract This first biography is the result of research on the life and work of the Dutch thinker, Antheunis Janse (1890-1960) of Biggekerke conducted at intervals in South Africa and in the Netherlands during the past 35 years. The stimulus for the research was the fact that Janse has never been acknowledged for his contribution to Christian philosophy - especially anthropology - which originated in the thirties of the previous century in the Netherlands. The aim of this article is to demonstrate that he should be regarded (with Professors D.H. Th. Vollenhoven and H. Dooyeweerd) as a founding father of Christian- Reformational philosophy, also known as the philosophy of the Cosmonomic Idea or simply as the Amsterdam philosophy. No biography on this important thinker exists; the historical information provided is thus needed. The biographical details are intertwined with the following systematic aspects: Why reformation was required during Janse's lifetime; Janse's contribution to the development of Reformational philosophy; a more detailed discussion of his anthropological viewpoints; the secret of his reformational endeavours; and in conclusion, some suggestions are given about much needed research to be done to be able to fully profit from the rich heritage of this "morning star of a 20th-century reformation".

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1946. “God's Word is more than gold.” Kerkblad van de Gereformeerde Kerk van Breda (13 April). Translation from: Christian Renewal 3(2).  (January 21, 1985).

1957. "The work of God that happens under the sun"  Opvoeding en Onderwijs (Translated by Chris Gousmett) 



Spanish resources

[Concerning the Justified:]

Van de rechtvaardigen. Kampen: J H Kok, 1931. Rijswijk: Stichting Uitgave Reformatorische Boeken, 2nd revised edition, 1962. Spanish translation: Los Justos en la Biblia. 3 Vols. Rijswijk: Stichting Uitgave Reformatorische Boeken; Barcelona: Fundacion Editorial de Literatura Reformada, 1984-1987. Second edition, 1998.

[The relation of Christian politics to that of the world]

De verhouding van Christelijke politiek tot de wereldsche. Aalten: De Graafschap, 1933. Spanish translation: ¿Qué es Política Cristiana Frente a la del Mundo? Rijswijk: Stichting Uitgave Reformatorische Boeken; Barcelona: Fundacion Editorial de Literatura Reformada, 1977. Second edition, 1990.

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