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Chris Gousmett is the Corporate Information Manager for the Hutt City Council, supervising the corporate records, archives and printroom. He established a business unit within the council providing digitisation services for other councils in the Wellington region as part of the increasing sharing of services between councils He studied Hebrew and Philosophy at the University of Otago, and completed a Master of Philosophical Foundations degree, focusing on philosophical theology, at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. He has a PhD in Patristic theology from the University of Otago, with a thesis on the inter-relationship of philosophical anthropology and the structure of eschatological thought in the Patristic writers. This is available at www.earlychurch.org. His interests are in Reformational philosophy and theology, the history of thought, including history of science, and political and social theory. He preaches regularly in his home town of Upper Hutt, and has written a number of works on Christian worldviews.

His wife Elaine has a diploma in children's literature studies.  They have three children.

His academic.edu page is here where a number of his papers can be found.

He blogs at hearing and doing 


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1985. A latter day Augustinian: Diemer on creation and miracle [pdf] ICS paper.

1985. The nature of miracle and the miracle of nature: a study of the thought of J H Diemer concerning nature and miracle. MPhil Thesis ICS, Toronto.

1988. Creation order and miracle according to Augustine [pdf] Evangelical Quarterly 60 (3): 217-240.

1991. A Covenantal Perspective on the Earth and its Human Management [pdf] 

First published in Christian-Brethren Research Fellowship Journal 124 (March 1991):9-15. Reprinted in: Responsibility for our Natural Environment. C Gousmett and A T Chimuka. Potchefstroom: Institute for Reformational Studies, Study Pamphlet 350. February 1997, pp. 1-18.

1991. Christianity and politics: a reformational perspective [pdf] Republished in 1999: IRS F study pamphlets F1 no 384. Potchefstroom: Institute for reformational Studies.

1993. The delay of the Parousia and the inner coherence of Paul's eschatology [pdf]

1993. The coherence of Paul's eschatology and his Pharisaic background [pdf]

1996. Introduction to a Christian worldview: a course in thinking Christianly in the whole of life [pdf]

1997. God the creator of time [pdf]  Stimulus 9 (1997) 1:36-41

1997. Education in God's World [pdf] Lectures delivered at the Master's Institute and at NZ Association for Christian Schools.

1998. Cornerstone values [pdf] Stimulus 6 (November 1998) 4:32-39

1998. Economics in Christian perspective [pdf]

2006 The Whole Gospel for the Whole of Life [pdf]. This series of study outlines is intended to be used as a basic introduction to a distinctively Christian worldview that seeks to see the whole gospel applied to the whole of life