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Faith in Democracy – A series of webinars with Jonathan Chaplin

A webinar discussion Jonathan's book Faith in Democracy

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and no doubt from Byron Borger in the US.

"Five Reasons for Reading Abraham Kuyper Today"with Craig Bartholomew 4th December 2020

An event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Abraham Kuyper

Dr Craid Bartholomew will discuss "Five Reasons for Reading Abraham Kuyper Today" on Friday 4 Decemebr 8.00 pm UK time.

It is free to all interested

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ROY CLOUSER The Myth of Religious Neutrality webinar 


In 1953, the Dutch Christian jurist and philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977) gave a lecture in the south of France on The Secularization of Science. There he explained his understanding of the task of the sciences in relation to the widespread secularization of modern life. The published translation of that lecture is what we will discuss in this webinar. Why was Dooyeweerd so concerned about the secularization of scholarship and of modern society? What was his understanding of the scholarly task as he confronted this issue in his own academic job in Amsterdam? In this essay we find a sketch of the long and persistent scholarly tradition, dominant even among Christians, that sees scientific investigation of the world as religiously neutral. Dooyeweerd’s lecture was clearly a post-World War II presentation, yet it remains highly relevant and a valuable resource for Christian students seven decades later. The original French version, La sécularisation de la science, was published in La Revue Reformée V (1954), pp 138-157.

Each webinar will comprise a 15-minute overview of part of the article followed by 30 minutes for discussion. Course materials will be provided free of charge.