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Ethics resources/ bibliography

C2 Christian ethics blog

Ethics: Person, Practices and Society International Symposium
Workshop papers:

  Andrew Basden Enrich humanist thinking

  Henk Stoker The ethical dilemma of 'unethical' religious movements

  Ralph Vunderink Love, power and justice

  Bennie van der Walt A shame-/versus a guilt-orientated conscience: an explanation for difference between African and Western ethics

  Hans Burger The significance of 'being in Christ' for Christian ethics

  Harry Cook These all look to you: Darwin and Psalm 104

  Rudi Hayward Naïve experience and differentiated practices

  Michael Heyns The transcendentalness of the moral order

  Yasunori Ichikawa God, man and nature in the Christian and Japanese-Shintoistic views, implications for environmental ethics

  Ananka Loubser Nature vs culture in sustainable environmental management

  Martin Rice Moral intuitionism: moral properties as directly perceived, non-mysterious parts of the world

  Jonathan Chaplin Public justice as a political norm

  Giacomo Carlo Di Gaetano The reception of reformed epistemology in the Italian philosophical context

  Peter Stoker Christian ethic and the concept of creation

  Danie Strauss Legal rights for plants and animals

  Pieter Vos Educating for Autonomy: Reconstructing a Moral Ideal

  Marc de Vries Ethics and the increasing complexity of technology

  Albert Weidman Integrity and accountability in applied linguistics



Andre Troost The Christian Ethos (translated into English by Kobus and Yvonne Smith) (Bloemfontein: Patmos, 1983).