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Derek C. Schuurman is Professor of Computer Science, Calvin University.

He worked for several years in industry before spending time in academia. His interest in computers began in his early teens with his first computer, a Timex-Sinclair ZX-81. He is also interested in the bigger picture (metaphorically, not in the number-of-pixels sense) and the various issues related to faith and technology. He has taught computer science at both Redeemer University College and Dordt College prior to teaching computer science at Calvin College. He has participated in various service projects with computing in developing countries. He is author of the book Shaping a Digital World.

His own webpage is here.

He is on twitter @derekschuurman


Chapters in books

Derek C. Schuurman, "Responsible Automation: Faith and Work in an Age of Intelligent Machines" in The Wonder and Fear of Technology: Commissioned Essays on Faith and Technology, edited by David H. Kim, Center for Faith & Work, 2016, pp. 42-56.

Derek C. Schuurman, "Seeking Wisdom in Engineering and Computer Science" in Where Wisdom May be Found: The Eternal Purpose of Christian Higher Education, edited by Edward P. Meadors, Pickwick Publications, 2019, pp. 214-226.

Selected Articles

Technology and the biblical story