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Yong Joon (John) Choi is Professor of Handong Global Univeesity and visiting professor at  ETF (Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Belgium) and Driestar Christian University in the Netherlands. He was visiting professor at VIEW (Vancouver Institute for Evangelical Worldview in Canada).

From 2008-1010 he was professor at KUIS (Korea University of International Studies in Seoul, Korea). He has pastored churches in Brussels and Cologne. 

He has a doctorate from Potchefstroom University for higher Christian education, South Africa (2000) and degrees from Seoul National University (1980-83), Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia (1986-1989) and from the VU University, Amsterdam (1989-1993).











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Available at:  http://www.dooy.info/papers/choi/index.html

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All articles - unless indicated - are in Korean.

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