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Jan (John) Harm Boer -- born in Lutjegast, the Netherlands, in 1938. Emigrated to British Columbia (BC) in 1951 with his parents and nine siblings. 1954-1958--worked in the lumber industry of Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, while taking high school in his spare time from the BC Government.


1958-1962—Calvin College (now University), Grand Rapids MI and married Frances Ann Prins, a Frisian also from the Netherlands.

1962-1965—Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids MI.

1965-1966—African studies at Michigan State University.

1966-1996—Christian Reformed missionary in Nigeria. Post-Nigeria life in Grand Rapids

1996-2001 and Vancouver BC (2001-present)—mostly research and writing.

All of Boer’s writings can be found on his website www.SocialTheology.com. See below for his major works

Major books

2019-- Gen. Ed., Canadian Kuyperian Publicationswww.SocialTheology.com/kuyperiana.htm.

2009-2014 -– Co-author with wife Frances of memoirs – 5 volumes: Every Square Inch—A missionary memoir. < www.SocialTheology.com/boeriana.htm >.

1996-2009 –- Studies in Christian-Muslim Relations (8 vols.). < www.SocialTheology.com/islamica.htm >.

1995-- Wholistic Health Care, Co-edited with Prof. Dr. Dennis Ityavyar. 2 volumes.

1992-- Caught in the Middle: Christians in Transnational Corporations.

1992--The Church & the External Debt: Report on a Conference Held in Jos, Nigeria, November 26-30, 1990 (J. Boer, ed). < www.SocialTheology.com/boeriana.htm >.

1991, 1993, 2016 -- Science without Faith Is Dead.

1979 – Missionary Messengers of Liberation in a Colonial Context: A Case Study of the Sudan United Mission. Doctoral dissertation for the Free University (Amsterdam).

1974--The Gospel of Liberation in a Colonial Context: A Partial and Introductory Case Study of the Sudan United Mission (1904-1918).

1973 - “The Last of the Livingstones: A Study of H. Karl W. Kumm’s Missiological Conception of Civilization.”

Major or important special lectures and papers

2011— Retooling Our Approach to Sharia: A Wholistic and Pluralistic Perspective. Adeolu Adegbola Memorial Lecture, Institute of Church & Society (Ibadan, Nigeria).

1994-- “Development: A Matter of the Heart.” Lecture delivered at CRUDAN Workshop on Theology and Development, Jos.

1987-- “A Tiger in Your Tank: The Anatomy of Christian Reformed Missiology.” Public lecture delivered at Calvin Theological Seminary.

1983—“John Calvin’s Approach to Politics and Government.” Lecture delivered to the Conference on Christians in Politics, Jos, ICS. July 14-16/1983 (12 pp.).

1983-- “The Politico-Colonial Context of Missions in Northern Nigeria.” Lecture at the Conference on Christians in Politics, Institute of Church & Society, Jos, Nigeria.

1982-- “Propositions for Renewal in Christian Socio-Economic Thought and Practice.” A paper delivered at the Jos-Bukuru Theological Society, April/1982 (2 pp.).

1980 --“The Challenge of the Green Revolution to the Church.” An address to the First Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Jos, Nigeria.

1977-- “Aspects of the Effects of Wealth on the Church’s Mission” Public lecture delivered at Calvin College.

About Abraham Kuyper

2015 -- “History and Nature of Kuyper Meditations.”

2014 -- “Kuyper the Evangelical.”

2014 -- “The International Kuyper.”

2003 -- "Eight Social Kuyperian Summary Points."

1999 -- The Role of the Holy Spirit in Structural Transformation According to Abraham Kuyper: 29 Propositions.

Major translations by Boer

2016-- Elly Linger, Race for Rembrandt. Original title: In rep en roer voor Rembrandt.

2015 – Abraham Kuyper, “The Mystery of Islam.”

2014 – Abraham Kuyper, The ascent of the Son—The descent of the Spirit: 26 Meditations on Ascension and Pentecost. With an introduction from the translator.

2014 -- “International Popularity – Local Unpopularity.”

2010 -- Kuyper, Abraham, FaithScience, Miracles, Islam: Four Kuyperian Essays. www.lulu.com.

1991, 1993, 2014 – Abraham Kuyper, You Can Do Greater Things than Christ: Demons, Miracles, Healing and Science.

1976 -- H. Algra, “Doctor Abraham Kuyper.”

A.C. De Gooyer and Rudolf Van Reest, Abraham Kuyper – A Close-Up: A Treasury of the Personal and Pious Kuyper.

Abraham Kuyper -- “The Cross Versus the Tree of Liberty.”

Translations of miscellaneous articles by contemporary Dutch Kuyperians found on the GUEST ARTICLES page of his website.

Educational projects and translations

2014-Present – Developing ORAL—Online Reformational Academic Library on www.SocialTheology.com

2011–- A 20-hour international lecture series on Christian-Muslim Relations, Overseas Ministries Study Center (New Haven, CT, USA).

1993-1996-– Lecturer in Missiology and Church & Society, Theological College of Northern Nigeria (Jos, Nigeria).

1981-– Guest Lecturer in Graduate course in Missiology, Calvin Theological Seminary (Grand Rapids, MI, USA).

1978-1979 --– Lecturer in Christian Ethics, University of Jos (Jos, Nigeria).

1972-1974 -– Graduate studies in Missiology, Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

1967 -- 3-months Islamics course, Pierre Benignus Study Centre, (Ibadan, Nigeria).


1993-1996 – Consultant, Literature and Education Departments, Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (Takum/Jos, Nigeria)

1981-1993 – Christian Health Association of Nigeria, Wholistic Health Care Dept. (Jos, Nigeria)
                 – 1981-1991 – Director; 1991-1993 – Consultant

1977-1993 – Institute of Church & Society (Jos, Nigeria)
                 – 1977-1989 – Director; 1989-1993 – Consultant

1966-1976 – Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria, Church and Leadership Development

The full story of all the above can be found in his memoirs Every Square Inch. See the BOERIANA page on his website