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Steve Bishop maintains the all of life redeemed web pages. He has a PhD from North West University, Potchefstroom (supervised by Renato Coletto) in Reformational philosophy.

He has an MA in Applied Theology, Trinity College, Bristol, and a BSc (Hons) in Physics with maths (University of East Anglia).

He recently retired from the City of Bristol College, Bristol, is married to a vicar and has three children. He is editor (with John Kok) of On Kuyper (Dordt College Press, 2013).

He is a trustee of Thinking Faith Network (formerly WYSOCS) and an associate fellow at the Kirby Centre for Public Theology.


He blogs at stevebishop.blogspot.com

and tweets @stevebishopuk

Selected writings

Kuyperania -  series of reviews of papers/ articles published on Abraham Kuyper

2021. Kuyperania 2021.  Koers - Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. https://doi.org/10.19108/KOERS.86.1.2504

2020. Kuyperania 2019.  Koers - Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. DOI: 10.19108/KOERS.85.1.2476

2019. Kuyperania 2018. Koers - Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. DOI: 10.19108/KOERS.84.1.2450

2018. Kuyperiana 2017. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. DOI: https:// doi.org/10.19108/KOERS.83.1.2361

2017. Kuyperania 2016. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. DOI: https:// doi.org/10.19108/KOERS.82.1.2285

2016. Kuyperania 2015. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. DOI: https://doi.org/10.19108/KOERS.81.3.2230

2015. More Kuyperania. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.19108/koers.80.3.2240

2014. Kuyperania in recent years. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. http://dx.doi.org/10.4102/koers.v79i1.2138

Neo-Calvinism/ Reformational philosophy

2009. Reformational Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of B J van der Walt. Bristol: allofliferedeemed.

2011. Editor The First Gleam of Dawn: A B.J. van der Walt Reader. South Africa: IACC. 

2011. An interview with B. J. van der Walt. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship.

2013. Editor (with John H. Kok). On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings On the Life, Work and Legacy of Abraham Kuyper. Sioux Center: Dordt College Press

2015. A History of the Reformational Movement in Britain. II: The Post-World-War II Years to the end of the Twentieth Century. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. 

2015. A History of the Reformational Movement in Britain: The Pre-World War II YearsKoers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. 

2016. Tribute to E.L. Hebden Taylor (1925-2006): A British Export to North America. Pro Rege 44(4): 1-8.

2017. Perceptions of Reformational philosophy – an empirical study. Koers: Bulletin for Christian Scholarship. 

DOI: https://doi.org/10.19108/KOERS.82.1.2281

2020. Engaging and enriching non-Christian thought: the case of Andrew Basden Pro Rege 48(4) (June): 1-8.

A Spanish version is available here kindly translated by (c) Zabdi Garcia Aguilar

2020. Abraham Kuyper: Cultural Transformer Foundations (Nov) 79: 60-76.

2021. You should know neo-Calvinism Laymen's Lounge (February))

2021. You should know Vollenhoven Laymen's Lounge (March)

2021 (and Gregory Baus). You should know Dooyeweerd Laymen's Lounge (April) [pdf version]

2021. You should know Groen van Prinsterer Layman's Lounge (June)

2021. You should know Gordon J. Spykman  Layman's Lounge (October)

2021 (with Mark Roques) Stewardship Epistemology. Findings 2 (July): 30-48.

2021 (with Michael Wagenman) Abraham Kuyper on Apologetics. Tydskrif Vir Christelike Wetenskap/ Journal for Christian Scholarship 57(1&2): 1-18.

Science and science education

1993. Science and faith: boa constrictors and warthogsThemelios 19 (Oct)

1993. ConstructivismSpectrum 25 (2) (Summer) 

1994. Introductory resources for the interaction of science and ChristianityThemelios 19  (Jan/Feb) 

1995. Process science? Spectrum 27 (1) (Spring)

1997. Charis Science. St. Albans: ACT (contributor)

2000. A typology of science and religion.  Evangelical Quarterly 72(1) (PDF)

Technology and technology education

1991. Towards a Christian perspective on technologySpectrum 23 (1)(1991)

1993. The religious dimension of technologyRE Today 10 (3)  (Summer 1993)

Mathematics education

1996. Beliefs shape mathematics. Spectrum vol. 28 (2) (Summer)

A version in Spanish is available here. Kindly translated by (c) José Ernesto Garcia Andrade, Rector del Colegio Superior de Teologia <<Refoma Protestante>> 

1997. Bibliography of maths education and Christianity. In Entry Points for Christian Reflection within Education ed. P. MacKenzie et al. London: Care for Education.

2012. Contributions to the God and Math website

Christian mathematicians:

Environmental ethics and green issues

1991. Deep ecology and green theology: New Age or new creation? Themelios (April)

1991. The Earth is the Lord's. Bristol: Regius Press (with C. Droop)

1992. A Fox in sheep's clothingThird Way 14 (10)

1996. Defending God's EarthWoman Alive (August)

Church history

1997. Protestant missionary education in British India. Evangelical Quarterly 69 (3)

2001. Bishop Barnes, science and religion. Quoldlibet 3(4) Fall


1997. Commentary in Third Way April

2004. God, time and eternity Quodlibet 6(1) Jan-March