Resources for a Christian worldview

Art & Aesthetics resources/ bibliography

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Hans Rookmaker

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1. Art, Artists and Gauguin 
2. New Orleans Jazz, Mahalia Jackson and the Philosophy of Art 
3. The Creative Gift, Dürer, Dada and Desolation Row
4. Western Art and the Meanderings of a Culture
5. Modern Art and the Death of a Culture
6. Our Calling and God’s Hand in History

Richard and Janice Russell The darkening West: a study in contemporary art and philosophy (available from CSU here.

Calvin Seerveld Seerveld's books are available from Tuppence Press (in North America) and the Christian Studies Unit (in the UK) and Piquant (in the UK)
Rainbows for a Fallen World. Toronto: Tuppence Press, 2005 Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves: Alternative Steps in Understanding Art Piquant 2000.

On Seerveld:

Gregory Baus Seerveld’s Hineinlebenshaltung

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