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Updated Bennie van der Walt bibliography

Removed some dead links on the front page and updated some others


Roy Clouser's Reading GenesisPerspectives on Science and Christian Faith 68(4).

H. R. Rookmaaker (1922-1977) pages added

The Kuyper pages have been updated

List of reformational scholars has been made alphabetical 


Banks, Matt 2013. An analysis of Abraham Kuyper’s distinction between the church as institute and the church as organismMTh dissertation  Oak Hill College, London.

Bibliography of works on Kuyper and list on works by Kuyper In English available online

More links added to papers by E.L. Hebden Taylor

Renato Coletto's bibliography updated with papers and links including:

2015. With M.F. Heyns. Reconciling science and faith: dialogues with Anton Van Niekerk. Tydskrif vir Christelike wetenskap/ Journal for Christian scholarship, 51(3):37-61.

Harry van Belle -  five more papers added.

John Choi page added a new paper

Jan Lever pages added.

Gerrit Glas pages added - with 15 papers

Updated the Albert Weideman pages with links to several of his recent papers.



Abraham Kuyper 1879, Het heil in ons (1879; repr. Kampen: Kok, 1910), pp. 165–225. This study appeared in thirteen instalments in the Sunday supplement of De Standaard, from Aug. 2 to Nov. 15, 1874 (translated by Harry Van Dyke).

Arthur Jones 2015. Discipleship & Mission added. 

Geert van Dijk 2014. Het concrete is het wezenlijke. Het denken van A Janse van Biggekerke (1890-1960) over Gods verbond met mensen. [The concrete is the real. The thought of A Janse of Biggekerke (1890-1960) concerning God's covenant with humanity.] Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum Uitgevers, 2014. An English summary is here

Willem Ouweneel pages added.

Johan van der Hoeven 1986. “The Problem of Evil – Crucible for the Authenticity and Modesty of Philosophizing: In Discussion with Paul Ricoeur”. In South African Journal of Philosophy 6 (2): 44-52.

Johan van der Hoeven bibliography updated.

Herman Dooyeweerd 1932. ARJA [Antirevolutionaire Jongerenactie]De Standaard Tues. 29 Nov. 1932. 

Richard Russell pages updated

Bernard Zylstra pages updated

Philosophia Reformata index updated

Danie Strauss article added

Chris Gousmett article and sermon added

Frederick Fourie pages added with several papers.

Spring/Summer 2014

Added the Gui Braun Jr pages

Updated the Klapwijk pages

 2013. Between Historicism & Relativism: Dynamics of Historicism and the Philosophical Development of Ernst Troeltsch. Amsterdam: VU University, online. [Translation of Tussen historisme en relativisme, 1970]


Updated the technology bibliography


Paul Otto:  

2014. 'Christian, providential, or ecclesiastical? Charting Christian perspectives on historyFides et Historia 14(1) (Winter/ Spring): 58-65.


Renato Coletto:

2011. Reformational institutions for higher educationWoord en daad /Word and action. 50 (Spring, n. 413): 9-14.
2011. Educational associations in the Kuyperian traditionWoord en daad /Word and action. 50 (Summer, n. 414): 9-12
2011. Reformational outposts for information and communication. Woord en daad /Word and action 51 (Autumn, n. 415): 29-33.
2011. Neo-Calvinist organisations for farming, business, tourism and so forthWoord en daad /Word and action 51 (Winter, n 416): 19-24.
2012. Christian organisations: a few concluding reflections. Woord en daad /Word and action. 
2014 Two-kingdom worldviews: attempting a translationPro Rege (March) XLVII (4): 8-15.
Sander Griffioen pages added
2002. Moed tot cultuur, Reeks Christelijk perspectief, Amsterdam: Buijten en Schipperheijn. 
Jaap Klapwijk:
2013.  Abraham Kuyper on Science, Theology and University, transl. H.D. Morton and G. Groenewoud, in: Philosophia Reformata78, pp. 18-46.

February 2014

Arthur Jones 1998. Science in Faith: An Outline of a Christian Approach to the Sciences. Christian Schools' Trust, 1998.

Arthur Jones 2014. Living and Working with Purpose: Our Ordinary Everyday Lives and Work are an Essential Part of God’s Story and Mission (2014)  

June 2013

Kuyper pieces translated by Harry Van Dyke 

All ©Translation by Harry Van Dyke

1890. "Lecture on missions." Given at the mission conference, Amsterdam, Jan. 28–30, 1890.

1901. "Catholic Voters of District VIII" Source: Kuyper-archief, Historisch Documentatiecentrum VU, nr.6460.

1909. "Kuyper on political cartooning." From the Foreword to Dr. Kuyper in de Caricatuur. (Amsterdam: Van Holkema & Warendorf, 1909) 

1909"Kuyper on coalitions and antithesis." From Wij, Calvinisten . . . (Kok, Kampen, 1909), 11–18. Selection from an address to the 17th National Assembly of Anti-Revolutionary Party delegates, convened in Utrecht on 22 April 1909, in preparation for the coming general elections

1909. "Kuyper on CalvinFrom Wij, Calvinisten . . . (Kok, Kampen, 1909). Extract from Abraham Kuyper’s address to the 17th National Assembly of Delegates of the Antirevolutionary Party, gathered at Utrecht, 24 April 1909, in preparation for the upcoming general election campaign. This translation of pp. 149–52.


On Kuyper:

1937-8. "Some third-hand information about Kuyper’s conversion." Letter from P. H. A. van Krieken to H. Colijn.


Added to the Arthur Jones pages

"Islam: a strategic overview"   slides


March 2013

Added three papers to the Janse pages:

A. Janse 1936-37. "The truly human and Greek philosophyDe Reformatie 17 (1936-37) 44 (30 July 1937): 357-358. (Translated by Chris Gousmett) 

A. Janse 1939. "Psalm 2 at Christmastime 1939." Pro Ecclesia 5 (12/13) (23 December): 46. Reprinted in Gereformeerd Schoolblad3(2) (1983):2-7.

A. Janse 1946. “God's Word is more than gold.” Kerkblad van de Gereformeerde Kerk van Breda (13 April). Translation from: Christian Renewal 3(2).  (January 21, 1985). 

An English translation of Vollenhoven's obituary of Janse has been added and the link to Janse's bibliography corrected. 


The Arthur Jones page has started with the following papers:

"Christian education part 1: which story, whose story?"  slides

"Christian education part 2: culture of deathslides

"Christian education part 3: life or death" slides

"Christian professional training for practitioners" (version 14)

"An introduction to intelligent design 

February 2013

Added links to Roy Clouser videos:

These recordings of Roy Clouser are taken from the Wrestlers Class of National Presbyterian Church, 4101 Nebraska Avenue, NW, Washington, DC USA. 

Presenter Name(s)TitleCourse DateClick for recordings
Roy ClouserReformed Theology and the Myth of Religious Neutrality (2 of 2) 4/25/2010 Link
Roy ClouserCan we Know that God is True? 5/15/2011 Link
Roy ClouserThe Idea of a Christian Philosophy 3/11/2012 Link
Roy ClouserThe Dutch Philosopher Dooyeweerd's Theory of Reality 3/18/2012 Link


January 2013

Finding an Alternative to Over-Development by Bob Goudzwaard. Edited by Bruce C. Wearne. (Bristol & Asia: All of life Redeemed, 2013)

December 2012

Mike Goheen pages updated with new affiliations, new CV and updated paper

Harry van Belle pages updated with three new papers and links corrected

All of life redemeed newsletter issue 3 added (vol 2(1)).

International Reformed Bulletin issues 9-15 added. 

September 2012

 Roy Clouser:

         2012. "Review of Alvin Plantinga's ConflictPerspectives on Science and Christian Faith 64 (3) September. 

    2012. "Pancreationism: the fall of theology" In The Presence of God in Orthodoxy: Divine Essence and Divine Energies (Cambridge: Thomas James).

Jeremy Ive's PhD Thesis  

Open Christian College: An Introduction to a Christian Worldview

Richard Russell 1976. Reason and Commitment MEd Thesis Bristol University.


Added to the Renato Coletto pages:

2009. Neo-calvinist organisations for political action. Woord en daad /Word and action, 49(4) (Summer, n. 410):5-10. 

2010. Reformational organisations for labour relationsWoord en daad /Word and action. 50(2) (Winter, n. 412):24-28.

2010. Reformational institutions for higher educationWoord en daad /Word and action. 50 (Spring): 9-14. 

2010. Educational associations in the Kuyperian traditionWoord en daad /Word and action. 50 (Summer): 9-12.

2011. Reformational outposts for information and communication. Woord en daad /Word and action 51 (Autumn): 29-33.

2011. Neo-Calvinist organisations for farming, business, tourism and so forthWoord en daad /Word and action 51 (Winter): 29-33


August 2012

August Lecerf pages added

International Reformed Bulletin issues 5-8 added

Jeremy Ive pages started

Alida Sewell pages started


July 2012

Mark S. Roques 'Popper, Darwinism and Third World Evolutionary Epistemology' (MPhil ICS, 1986)

Pierre-Charles Marcel pages started

International Reformed Bulletin issues 1-4

Separate subject/ discipline pages added

Business, vocation, music and law bibliography/ resources added

Andree Troost pages added



May 2012

Updated the Groen van Prinsterer pages with a timeline and a refreshed bibliography

Mary Stewart van Leeuwen pages started 

April 2012

Jim Skillen pages updated

Irving Hexham pages started

Mary Stewart van Leeuwen pages added

Groen van Prinsterer bibliography updated 

January 2012

The David Koyzis pages
The Paul Otto Pages


Film footage of Abraham Kuyper

December 2011

Started the M C Smit pages

All of Life Redeeemed Newsletter
vol 1 (1) Summer 2011

The Kuyper newsletter vol 1 (1) January 1980
The Kuyper newsletter vol 1 (2) June 1980
The Kuyper newsletter vol 1 (3) October 1980
The Kuyper newsletter vol 2 (1) April 1981
The Kuyper newsletter vol 2 (2) June 1981-1982

Roy Clouser (2011)  'A response to Glenn Friessen' Philosophia Reformata

An Abraham Kuyper time line with links to online works

August 2011

Added to the Danie Straus pages

Translated by Dr. David Hanson. [It originally appeared in Ned. Geref. Teol. Tydskrif (Dutch Reformed Theological Journal), March 1969 (pp.97-114).]

Added to the H G Stoker pages

May 2011

Two papers by Danie Strauss has been added:

Three papers by Mike Goheen added:

April 2011

E L Hebden Taylor’s bibliography has been updated

Mike Goheen’s bibliography has been updated

Many of the links to other websites have been updated.

February 2011

Renato Coletto pages started

  • The “eclipse” of the object of research in late-modern philosophy of science: causes and possible remedies. Tydskrif vir christelike wetenskap/Journal for christian scholarship, 44(1-2):19-38.
  • Christian scholarship within reformed circles. Acta academica, 41(3):16-41.
  • Strategies towards a reformation of the theology-based approach to christian scholarship. In die Skriflig, 43(2):291-313
  • 2010. Traces of neo-Calvinism in France and Italy. Koers, (Special Edition: Essays dedicated to Prof. B.J. van der Walt: “Scholarship in the light of the morning star”), 75(1):149-172.

January 2011

September 2010

David Beldman 'Towards a missional approach to Christian scholarship in the theological disciplines: learning for shalom'

Mark Roques Epistemology, story-telling and pedagogy

Cover and contents of J A L Taljaard Polished Lenses added

Worship & Politics (New Exodus Series) by Albert F. Gedraitis (Wedge Publishing, 1972)

August 2010

Added two papers on the Gordon Spykman pages:

1977. 'The place and role of the Bible in school'. In G. J. Steensma and H. W. Van Brummelen (eds.) Shaping School Curriculum: A Biblical View. Terre Haute: Signal Publishing ch 1.

1977. 'Biblical studies'.  In G. J. Steensma and H. W. Van Brummelen (eds.) Shaping School Curriculum: A Biblical View. Terre Haute: Signal Publishing ch 7.

July 2010

2010. Stability amid change: What our theoretical frameworks accomplish for us. Paper prepared for presentation at the joint LSSA/SAALA/SAALT 2010 conference (Unisa, Pretoria), September.

2010. Bob Goudzwaard (with Bruce Wearne) Face to Face with Injustice: A Big Task for Ordinary People: A Christian Political Option for Fiji 

April 2010

Added three new papers to Chris Gousmett pages:

Added to the Richard Russell pages: 
1973. The growing crisis of the evangelical worldview and its resolutions (MA Thesis, Bristol University)

March 2010

Added to the Harry Fernhout pages his 1975 MPhil 'Man, religion, and faith in Bavinck, Kuyper, and Dooyeweerd'

Added the Stuart Fowler pages

Added several more issues of Anakainosis- volumes 1-7 are now up

Added a bibliography on 'Biology' to the further information page.

Added to the Andrew Badsen pages:
  On Defining the IS Discipline by its Sphere of Meaning

Added to the Richard Russel pages his MA from McMaster in 1987:
  'An examination of the relation of religious groundmotives and philosophical analysis' MA theis (McMaster University, 1967)

February 2010

Update of Bruce Wearne's Annotated Jim Skillen bibliography for Feb 2010

Added to the Roy Clouser pages:

2009. "A Brief Sketch of the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd" Axiomathes (Journal of the Mitteleuropa Foundation).

2009. "Transcendental Critique Revisited and Revised" Philosophia Reformata Volume 74 (1) 

Updated the Groen van Prinsterer pages with a list of dissertations on Groen

Updated some links to Abraham Kuyper articles and books on-line.

Added a bibliography to Harry Fernout's page and to Jim Olthius's page.

October 2009

Updated Bruce Wearne's Reading the Bible or Life-Direction on the Path of Scholarship

Three more issues of Anakainosis added volumes 4 (1-3)

Added to the E L Hebden Taylor pages: 'The State in western history'

September 2009

Several papers have been added to the Jaap Klapwijk pages

Added to the Albert Weideman pages:

2009c. A framework for the study of linguistics - presentation slides

2009d. What is linguistics?

2009e. Formal approaches to the description of English: syntax

David Beldman 2009. 'Toward a Missional Approach to Christian Scholarship in the Theological Disciplines' Handout from a presentation at Trinity College, Bristol, UK

Started the Elaine Botha pages with many of her papers

Further resources page contents added

Added to the Bernie Zylstra pages  'The kingdom of God: its foundations and implications'

Added to the Gordon Spykman pages  'The institutional church in history'

Added to the Danie Strauss pages:

August 2009

July 2009

Added to the Andrew Basden pages:

2009. The Notion of Lifeworld Applied to Information Systems Research.
2009. On Using Spheres of Meaning to Define and Dignify the IS Discipline

Added to the Jim Skillen pages:

57. Christians Organizing for Political Service: A Study Guide Based on the Work of the Association for Public Justice APJ Education Fund, 1980.

69. Confessing Christ and Doing Politics APJ Education Fund 1982
Chapter 5 “Public Justice and True Tolerance” pp.54-62
Chapter 7 “Christian Action and the Coming of God’s Kingdom” pp.88-103

Added to the Bernie Zylstra pages:

1970. The crisis of our time and the evangelical churches. In Out of Concern for the Church Toronto: Wedge Pub. Foundation. pp 75 ff.

June 2009

May 2009

The Albert Weideman pages have been updated and two new articles posted:

2009a. Constitutive and regulative conditions for the assessment of academic literacy. Forthcoming in SALALS 27(3).

2009b. Uncharted territory: an emerging paradigm and the foundations of applied linguistics. Forthcoming in Per linguam.

Several issues of the journal Anakainosis has been added: Vol 1 issues 1-4, vol issues 1,2 and 4, volume 3 1 and 2.

I've recently added to the Al Wolters pages the following papers:

1989. “On the Idea of Worldview and Its Relation to Philosophy,” in Paul A. Marshall, et al., eds., Stained Glass: Worldview and Social Science (Lanham MD: University Press of America, 1989), 14-25

1987. “Worldview and Textual Criticism in 2 Peter 3:10,” Westminster Theological Journal 49 (1987) 405-413.

1985. “The Intellectual Milieu of Herman Dooyeweerd,” in C.T. McIntire, ed., The Legacy of Herman Dooyeweerd (New York: University Press of America, 1985) 1-19

1983. “Dutch Neo-Calvinism: Worldview, Philosophy and Rationality,” in H. Hart et al., eds., Rationality in the Calvinian Tradition (Lanham MD: University Press of America, 1983) 113-131

1978/ 1999 “The Foundational Command: ‘Subdue the Earth!’” in Year of Jubilee, Cultural Mandate, Worldview (Study Pamphlet No. 382; ed. B. van der Walt; Potchefstroom: Institute for Reformational Studies, 1999) 27-34. [Previously available as ICS Academic Paper, 1978.]

1975/ 1987. "Ideas have legs" The Guide July. Also in A Christian Union in Labour's Wasteland, edited by Edward Vanderkloet (Wedge Publishing, 1978). Republished by Institute for Christian Studies, 1987

Vanguard articles:

1979. Breaking out of the evangelical world-view: a review of John Stott's latest work'

'Hallowed be thy creation'

1980. 'The centre and the circumference'


Anakainosis articles:

1978. In memoriam: Vollenhoven

1979. Vollenhoven on the 'word of God'

1983. 'Ground motives'

April 2009

Launched the Bernard Zylstra pages

March 2009

Added to the Andrew Basden pages:
2009. Practically Critical: Making the Critical Approach More Useful

Added to the J H Diemer pages:
Christ and modern natural science. (1933) Translated by Chris Gousmett

February 2009

Added Reformational Studies: An Annotated Bibliography of B J van der Walt edited and compiled by Steve Bishop 1st edn Feb 2009.

Added the Johann 'Harry' Diemer pages

1988. A Battle for Righteousness: The Message of the Book of Job, transl. J. Van Meggelen (Originally published by Essence: Ontario)
- thanks to Jack Van Meggelen for permission to use here.

Abraham Kuyper The Evolution of the Use of the Bible in Europe in Centennial Pamphlets, No. 2. American Bible Society: New York, 1916




December 2008

Jaap Klapwijk pages added

  • 2008. Reason Reversed? chapters 1 and 9
  • 1991. Antithesis and Common Grace
  • 1991. Epilogue: The Idea of Transformational Philosophy
  • 1980. The Struggle for a Christian Philosophy: Another Look at Dooyeweerd
  • 1980.  Dooyeweerd's Christian Philosophy: Antithesis and Critique

Several new papers have been added to the Gordon Spykman pages:

  • 1982. 'Beyond words to action' in Confessing Christ and Doing Politics ed. James Skillen (CPJ: Washington)
  • 1984. How is scripture normative in Christian ethics? In The Interpretation of Scripture Today: RES Theological Conference, Chicago 1984. Grand Rapids, MI.: Reformed Ecumenical Synod, 1984 (pp. 39-57).
  • 1992. Theology queen or servant? Orientation: international circular of the PU for CHE; nos. 63-66. 13-23.
  • A Confessional Hermeneutic Alternative to the Historical-Critical Method. The Reformed Ecumenical Synod Theological Bulletin (December), Vol. 1, No. 3, pp. 1-13.

November 2008

Book added to the Gordon Spykman pages:

1985. Spectacles: Biblical Perspectives on Christian Scholarship. PU for CHE: Potchefstroom.


August 2008

Added to the Bruce Wearne pages:

"And miles to go before I sleep" Naked Wasp (Chisholm Student Union Inc) Vol. 12(6) p. 18.

Added to the Roy Clouser pages:

2008. Is belief in God made obsolete by science?

July 2008

Added the Jim Skillen pages:
Added to the Bruce Wearne pages:

A Collection of Essays:


•    What are Sociological Concepts?
•    Civil Religion
•    Empiricism
•    Objectivity

•    Goudzwaard and deLange
•    Cope and Kalantzis & Preece
•    Seerveld festschrift
•    Pollard
•    Noll
•    Noll
•    Bededetto et al.
•    Bonino
•    Wallerstein
•    Clouser
•    Skillen
•    Hutchinson and Ogbu

PART FOUR - Positive Contributions
•    Max Weber
•     Subsidiarity
•    Recasting the Sociological Encyclopaedia
•    Bargaining with the Business Enterprise


June 2008

Andrew Basden 2008.  Understanding everyday experience and use of facebook and games

Albert Weideman 2008. Constitutive and regulative conditions for the assessment of academic literacy.

D. H. TH Vollenhoven Het Calvinischme en de Reformatie van de Wijsbegeerte Ch 2 (pp 22-48) (in English)

D. H. Th. Vollenhoven 'The foundations of Calvinist thought' - lecture delivered in 1934 at Dusseldorf

D. H. Th. Vollenhoven 'Lecture notes on Kant' from the syllabus 1958-59; translated by Bill Rowe (1977)

Bruce Wearne Public Justice for All: An Annotated Bibliography of the Works of James W. Skillen, 1967-2008 (2nd updated edn)

Bruce C Wearne Cultivating Care within a Vulnerable Economy: an annotated bibliography of the English writings of Bob Goudzwaard 1967-2008 [pdf  June 2008; 104+ xix pages (approx 1.1 MB)] revised and updated second edition.

The following items (all by Bob Goudzwaard) have been added to the Bob Goudzwaard Bibliography (above) and can be accessed in pdf format at the numbers indicated:

  • 10 A Christian Political Option book - 1972
  • 13 Economic Stewardship versus Capitalist Religion syllabus - 1972
  • 17 Interview - Goudzwaard and Cramp Vanguard - 1974
  • 18 "From Death to Shalom" Vanguard article - 1974
  • 31 "Norms for the International Economic Order" with J van Baars - 1978
  • 35 Towards Reformation in Economics ICS class syllabus - 1980
  • 36 "Types of Government Economic Policy" ICS paper - 1980
  • 40 "Christian Social Thought in the Dutch Neo-Calvinist tradition" - 1986
  • 42 "Creation Management: " conference paper and journal article - 1987
  • 43 with H M de Lange, book review - 1988
  • 45 "World Poverty - A Contribution" WCC Minutes, Moscow - 1989
  • 46 "Why poverty grows" journal article - 1989
  • 49 "Christian Politics and the Pirnciple of Sphere Sovereignty" - 1991
  • 51 "Freedom and Justice: ..." journal article - 1992
  • 52 "Economics and Theology" journal article - 1992
  • 60 "Who Cares?" CPJ conference paper and book chapter - 1996
  • 63 "Globalization" WARC conference paper and journal article - 1996
  • 69 "New Introduction" to Capitalism and Progress - 1997
  • 75 "Spirals of life and death ..." journal article - 1998
  • 76 "Globalization, regionalization and Sphere-Soverengty" speech - 1998
  • 83 with Aad Vlot, VvCW conference summary and journal article - 2001
  • 90 "Ethical Dimesnions of a Globalising Economy" Potter festschrift - 2002
  • 113 "Economic theory and the normative aspects of reality" (1961) - 2008
  • 114 "Market, Money, Capital" (1999) with Rob van Drimmelen - 2008

May 2008

Added to the Mike Goheen pages:

  • Creational Revelation, Scriptural Revelation, and Science, in Facets of Faith and Science. Volume 4: Interpreting God's Action in the World,ed. Jitse van der Meer.  Lanham: The Pascal Centre for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science/University Press of America, 1996, 313-330.
  • Organism of Revelation, in Facets of Faith and Science. Volume 4: Interpreting God's Action in the World, ed. Jitse van der Meer.  Lanham: The Pascal Center for Advanced Studies in Faith and Science/University Press of America, 1996, 331-345.

Added to the Bruce Wearne pages:


April 2008

Abraham Kuyper Days of Glad Tidings - Pentecost( with Ascension Day)vol. III (translated from Dagen van Goede Boodschap -Op den Pinksterdag (Met Hemelvaart) J.A. Wormser: Amsterdam, 1888 - by Jack Van Meggelen)

Mike Goheen pages created

March 2008

Now added the Craig Bartholomew pages

Mark Roques and Arthur Jones: 

Duncan Roper 'The earth as a garden for all creatures' (2008) Stimulus

Roy Clouser 1985. Dooyeweerd on religion and faith: a response.  ICS Conference paper.

January 2008










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